Biogeography research in Durban, South Africa

The current team:
Serban Proches - Professor
Contact Serban: setapionatgmaildotcom

Current PhD and MSc Students


Evert Kasiringua - PhD student 
(co-supervised by Prof. Gregory Kopij 
at University of Namibia)

Evert is a lecturer at University of Namibia, and his PhD project is looking at ungulates in Namibia's Waterberrg.
Contact Evert: avrilkasiatgmaildotcom

Lindani Mavimbela - PhD student
(co-supervised with Erwin Sieben at UKZN Geography)

Lindani is looking at spatial patterns in alien plants in Durban forest patches.
Contact Lindani: vimbi28atgmaildotcom

Sandrini Moodley - MSc student 
(co-supervised by Dr. Syd Ramdhani in UKZN Life Sciences) 

Sandrini is looking at global beetle biogeography
Contact Sandrini: sanzidotsongbirdatgmaildotcom
Nasiphi Ntshanga - PhD student
 (co-supervised by Dr. Jasper Slingsby at SAEON)

Nasiphi will be considering biodiversity impacts in Western Cape biotic communities linked to climate change, alien plant invasions, and landscape transformation.
Contact Nasiphi: nasiphidotntshangaatgmaildotcom

Ashlyn Padayachee - PhD student
(co-supervised by Prof. Mathieu Rouget at UKZN Pietermaritzburg
 and Prof. John Wilson at SANBI)
Ashlyn is funded by SANBI to look at urban invasions in the eThekwini Municipality.
Contact Ashlyn: ashlyndotlevadiaatgmaildotcom 

David Styles - MSc student
David is the editor of the Plant Life magazine, and is wrapping up his MSc project, looking at the grassland endemics of the Cato Ridge area between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. 

News: David has submitted his dissertation!
Forner team members:
Sanjay Gairola (postdoc, UKZN) - currently  a researcher with the Sharjah Academy of Sciences, UAE
Steffen Heelemann (Diplom = MSc at University of Rostock; co-supervised with Profs. Richard Cowling and Stefan Porembski) - currently an environmental consultant in Germany
Rebecca Joubert (MSc, UKZN; co-supervised with Prof. Fred Ellery) - currently PhD student at Rhodes University
Nasreen Khan (MSc, UKZN; cosupervised by Drs. Sanil Singh and Linda Bester) - currently on Marion Island in the Subantarctic!!
Nikara Mahadeo (MSc, UKZN, co-supervised with Dr. Syd Ramdhani) - currently a strategy manager for Wildlands, based in Hilton, KZN
Desika Moodley - PhD student (PhD, UKZN, co-supervised by Prof. John Wilson at SANBI) - currently working for SANBI at the Kirstenbosch centre
Youkita Naidoo (MCom, UKZN, co-supervised with Dr. Muhammad Hoque) - currently a research analyst with A1 Capital
Joshua Olowoyo (postdoc, UKZN) - currently lecturer at the University of Limpopo
Sandun Perera (PhD, then postdoc, UKZN) - currently senior lecturer at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Sarisha Perumal (MSc, UKZN) - currently an environmental consultant at uMoya-Nilu, Durban
Syd Ramdhani (postdoc, UKZN) - currently lecturer in Life Sciences at UKZN

Team pictures

Croc River (Mpumalanga)


Rain in the Transkei (Eastern Cape)


Mud in the Transkei (Eastern Cape)


Nelson Bay Cave (Western Cape)


Braai in Maputaland (KwaZulu-Natal)


Sandun and the bushbabies



Nikara in the Drakensberg


Bhengu measuring an Ochna trunk
 (cold bark!!)


Nkandla (KwaZulu-Natal)

with Sharon Louw and Tom Buthelezi