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Postdoctoral positions: Genentech, in bioinformatics; Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, in mathematics; Stanford University, in statistics.
I received my Ph. D. in statistics in 2004 from University of California, Berkeley (my thesis advisor was Yuval Peres) and my B.A. in mathematics in 1996 from Harvard University.

Research Projects

• next generation DNA sequencing
• microarray studies of genes involved in the immune reponse to cancer: the GXNA algorithm
• the mathematical modeling of ant colonies
• probability theory: the Ising model, simulation algorithms, and the Brownian loop soup


Probability Theory

Serban Nacu, Glauber Dynamics on the Cycle Is Monotone, Probability Theory and Related Fields, 127, 177-185 (2003): pdf
Serban Nacu and Yuval Peres, Fast Simulation of New Coins From Old, Annals of Applied Probability, 15, 93-115 (2005): pdf
Serban Nacu, Increments of Random Partitions, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 15:4, 589-595 (2006): pdf
Serban Nacu and Wendelin Werner, Random Soups, Carpets and Fractal DimensionsJournal of the London Mathematical Society, 83:3, 789-809 (2011): pdf arxiv.

Bioinformatics and Medicine

Serban Nacu, Rebecca Critchley-Thorne, Peter Lee and Susan Holmes, Gene Expression Network Analysis and Applications to Immunology, Bioinformatics, 23:7, 850-858 (2007): html

Rebecca Critchley-Thorne, Ning Yan, Serban Nacu, Jeffrey Weber, Susan Holmes and Peter Lee, Inhibition of Interferon Signaling in Lymphocytes in Metastatic Melanoma Patients, PLoS Medicine, 4:5 (2007): html.

Thomas D. Wu and Serban Nacu, Fast and SNP-tolerant Detection of Complex Variants and Splicing in Short Reads, Bioinformatics 26:7, 873-881(2010): html.

Serban Nacu, Wenlin Yuan, Zhengyan Kan, Deepali Bhatt, Celina Rivers, Jeremy Stinson, Brock Peters, Zora Modrusan, Kenneth Jung, Somasekar Seshagiri and Thomas D. Wu, Deep RNA Sequencing Analysis of Readthrough Gene Fusions in Human Prostate Adenocarcinomas and Reference Samples, BMC Medical Genomics, 4:11 (2011): html.

Ruihuan Chen, Merry Nishimura, Stephanie Bumbaca, Samir Kharbanda, William Forrest, Ian Kasman, Joan Greve, Robert Soriano, Laurie Gilmour, Celina Sanchez Rivers, Zora Modrusan, Serban Nacu, Steve Guerrero, Kyle Edgar, Jeffrey Wallin, Katrin Lamszus, Manfred Westphal, Susanne Heim, C. David James, Scott VandenBerg, Joseph Costello, Scott Moorefield, Cynthia Cowdrey, Michael Prados and Heidi Phillips, A Hierarchy of Self-Renewing Tumor-Initiating Cell Types in Glioblastoma, Cancer Cell 17:4, 362-375 (2010): html (subscription required) pdf.


Deborah Gordon, Susan Holmes and Serban Nacu, The Short-term Regulation of Foraging in Harvester Ants, Behavioral Ecology, 19:1, 217-222 (2008): html.

Blair Beverly, Helen McLendon, Serban Nacu, Susan Holmes and Deborah Gordon, How Site Fidelity Leads to Individual Differences in the Foraging Activity of Harvester Ants, Behavioral Ecology, 20:3, 633-638 (2009): html

Information Theory

Dana Porrat, David Tse and Serban Nacu, Channel Uncertainty in Ultra Wideband Communication Systems, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 53:1, 194-208 (2007): pdf.


Statistics 116, Spring 2005 and 2006 (archived course page here; Stanford account required).


One of my favorite fairy tales is the Prince of Tears by Mihai Eminescu. Here is my first attempt at an English translation.

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