Sera Relief CBD Oil In rodent models, "CBD was found to attenuate alcohol-induced hepatotoxicity, specifically, alcohol-induced steatosis." Finally, "the findings of preclinical rodent models also indicate that CBD attenuates Sera Relief CBD Oil search for alcohol caused by stimulation and stress, alcohol self-administration, withdrawal-induced seizures and Sera Relief CBD Oil impulse discount of delayed rewards." In human studies, "CBD was well tolerated and did not interact with Sera Relief CBD Oil subjective effects of alcohol . " Sera Relief CBD Oil researchers state that “ Collectively, given its favorable effects on alcohol-related damage and addiction phenotypes in preclinical models, CBD appears to be promising as pharmacotherapy for AUD. This is reinforced by Sera Relief CBD Oil absence of responsibility for abuse and its general tolerability. ” Conclusion of Sera Relief CBD Oil study Sera Relief CBD Oil study concludes by stating that "Preclinical and clinical studies in humans are needed to determine whether these positive effects in Sera Relief CBD Oil model systems translate substantially into clinically relevant results." More information about this study can be found by clicking here . Another study on alcohol and cannabis A recent investigation by Harvard University monitored 600 male couples. In Sera Relief CBD Oil study focused on fertility, Sera Relief CBD Oil sperm of these individuals were counted and Sera Relief CBD Oil result has been a great surprise for researchers. They expected cannabis use to have a detrimental effect on sperm count. Nothing could be further from reality, Sera Relief CBD Oil participants showed that they had a higher sperm balance in consumers than in non-users. Sera Relief CBD Oil finding necessarily means that cannabis use increases Sera Relief CBD Oil chances of making Sera Relief CBD Oil couple pregnant, say Sera Relief CBD Oil study authors. Since there could be another explanation for Sera Relief CBD Oil relationship between cannabis and sperm count. 

Sera Relief CBD Oil is needed in this field Sera Relief CBD Oil chief investigator, Dr. Jorge Chavarro, of Sera Relief CBD Oil Harard THard School of Public Health in Boston said: “These unexpected findings highlight how little we know about Sera Relief CBD Oil effects of cannabis on people's reproductive health. But also Sera Relief CBD Oil effects of cannabis on health in general. Our results should be interpreted with caution and emphasize Sera Relief CBD Oil need for further studies, since previous research has indicated that a history of substance abuse degrades male reproductive potential. ” In Sera Relief CBD Oil study, Sera Relief CBD Oil researchers analyzed 1,143 sperm samples from 662 men between 2000 and 2017. Sera Relief CBD Oil men were on average 36 years old and were from couples seeking help for conception. Participants filled out questionnaires detailing their cannabis use. 55% of men answered cannabis use. 44% of them said they used cannais in Sera Relief CBD Oil past and 11% were current users. Smoking cannabis, more sperm? After an exhaustive study of sperm samples, they showed that those who had used cannabis had an average semen concentration of 62.7 million sperm per milliliter in their semen, those who had never smoked had an average of 45.4 million sperm per milliliter. In order for fertilization of Sera Relief CBD Oil ovule to occur , Sera Relief CBD Oil semen must contain more than 20 million sperm per milliliter Only 5% of cannabis users had a sperm count of less than 15 million / ml, Sera Relief CBD Oil limit set by Sera Relief CBD Oil World Health Organization as a "normal" level, compared to 12% of men who never They had smoked cannabis. Writing in Sera Relief CBD Oil Oxford Human Reproduction magazine, Sera Relief CBD Oil scientists said that low cannabis exposure is likely to benefit sperm production in some way. An equally reasonable interpretation is that our findings could reflect Sera Relief CBD Oil fact that men with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to deal with " dangerous behaviors" like smoking ... said Dr. Feiby Nassan, a Harvard member.