Welcome everyone! My name is Ryan, and I've created Sequoia Red Worms with the intention of sharing information and sharing worms. Building relationships with fellow vermicomposters and sharing my experiences in vermiculture is extremely important to me. I'm always available to answer any questions or bounce ideas around.

Why vermicompost with red wigglers?

  • Red wigglers are the best compost worms available! They transform table scraps into rich, organic compost!
  • Worm castings are the best garden soil amendment there is! It is very nutrient rich and increases the biodiversity of your soil!
  • A mixture of shredded cardboard or newspaper, plus the vegetable and fruit scrap from your kitchen, is all they need to thrive!
  • There is no smell whatsoever from their composting, making them great for keeping in the basement or in the garage!
  • These worms are also a great bait for fishermen and a great pet food for lizards, chickens, and others!

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