Welcome to Sequoia Strings!

Sequoia Strings is a fast-growing program that is open to students of all ability levels. Its goal is to help students gain a solid foundation in a stringed instrument while learning what it means to participate in an orchestra. Classes are taught in a group class setting with occasional pull-out lessons with coaches. Students perform three concerts a year, and participate in a Disneyland Music in the Parks trip every year. Select students are invited to perform at school and community event.

Beginning Strings:  

In 2017-2018, this group can be selected as a first period elective, alternating every other day.

It is for any students with up to a year of experience in a bowed string instrument, which includes violin, viola, cello and bass. Students pick an instrument of their choice and receive a thorough introductory instruction in it. Developing independent and efficient practice habits is also a main objective.

The first half of the year will focus on basics, then students will begin to combine with the other group during the second half of the year. Students who show exceptional progress will receive pull-out lessons to transition into the Intermediate/Advanced group.

Intermediate/Advanced Strings

This is a 0 period class that focuses on learning how to play in an orchestral setting while building upon basics skills. It is for students who have at least 1-2 years of experience or have gained the instructor permission. Some highlights include Disneyland’s Music in the Parks festival and the Southern California Band & Orchestra Festival. In 2017, this group won the Overall Orchestra Award at Disneyland in addition to the first place trophy.

Incoming students hoping to be a part of the intermediate/advanced group will need to contact Mrs. Huang for the audition process.

See "Announcements" for information regarding summer camp opportunities.