Welcome to Sequoia Strings!

Course Offerings

Beginning/Intermediate Strings meets during 1st period every other day (A days). Since many students enter Sequoia Strings with elementary school experience, this class is not just for beginners! Mrs. Forbrizzio teaches this class and covers  many intermediate skills, including two octave scales, shifting into higher positions, and vibrato. There are also opportunities for intermediate students to add advanced strings midway through the year. Students have a lot of fun in class playing exciting music and fun music games. Mrs. Forbrizzio can be reached at vforbrizzio@conejousd.org.

Advanced Strings meets during 0 period. Mrs. Huang teaches this class for advanced students as a continuation of 1st period Beginning/Intermediate Strings. All concepts taught in Mrs Forbrizzio’s class will be reviewed and extended, while more ensemble skills will be developed.  Students cannot select this class without either having gone through 1st period Strings OR have passed an audition. Because this is before school from 8:55-9:40 a.m., students in this class are able to take another elective during their school day. This is a fast-paced class that covers challenging individual parts, musically complex harmonies and standard orchestral rehearsal practices. Students who have private lessons or are more advanced have the option of trying out for an elite Chamber Ensemble. This is a high-school preparatory course, so students in this class receive automatic admittance into the Newbury Park High School String Orchestra upon 8th grade graduation. If you are interested in auditioning for Advanced Strings for 6th grade, please email Mrs. Huang at nphsstrings@gmail.com for details. 

Orchestra students at Sequoia Middle School play in several concerts each year, participate in fun workshops and Disneyland/Magic Mountain trips. Once students make it to the 0 period, they will also have the opportunity to represent Sequoia Strings at school and community performances.