Sequoia Adult School Scholars (SASS) provides scholarships and counseling to underserved students who have graduated from Sequoia District Adult School and want to further their education.

We created SASS for the simple reason that we want our students to succeed. Sequoia District Adult School (SDAS) is an important first step; yet many of our students have both the ability and drive to continue their education.  Our scholarships make that possible through: 
  • Community college scholarships:  SASS pays for books and transportation for SDAS graduates attending a San Mateo County community college.
  • GED scholarships:  SASS pays GED test fees for SDAS students.
  • Counseling: In collaboration with SDAS, SASS provides counseling to GED and ESL students transitioning to college and starting careers.

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Jose Antonio Vargas featured guest at SASS 2013 Fund-raiser

On April 7, immigration rights activist Jose Antonio Vargas spoke to more than 250 students, educators, and community members about the challenges he faces as an undocumented immigrant, his decision to come out as an undocumented immigrant, and the misconceptions about immigration that he has been privy to as he travels around the country speaking out on immigration reform. The event was held at Sequoia High School's Carrington Hall. For more about the event, along with photos, click here

(Photo by David Moor)

We're young but we've already had an impact! 

When SASS was founded in 2010, we awarded 2 community college scholarships; in spring, 2013, we awarded 40!  In addition, we've helped 44 students pay for GED tests, 90% of whom passed and thereby earned a High School Equivalency Diploma. Our  fund-raisers
 have helped make all this happen.