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What can you do to reduce the cost of your Septic Service?

Having your septic system serviced can become costly if you are not aware of additional charges that may occur on a case-by-case basis. If you're the kind of person who doesn't mind a little dirt under your fingernail, you may find that a few hours with a shovel could save you hundreds of dollars. Here are a few things that you could do to save money;

1. Locate your septic tank
- It is unusual for a homeowner to not know the general area of the septic tank but the exact location can sometimes be elusive. If its been a few years since your last service you may have changed your landscape or the climate may have changed the topography. If you have a set of building plans they should have the exact location of the tank in reference to your home. If not, you can visit the County Department of Environmental Services for a copy of your septic plan. 

Septic Zone will locate your tank using our advanced tracking device that is flushed down your toilet and eventually into your tank. Once in your tank the signal will be tracked and your tank can be located. This service can be costly but at Septic Zone we include this service as part of uncovering your tank. If you chose another service provider make sure you ask for the cost of their service.

2. Uncover your Septic Tank Lids - Digging can be a back breaking experience that can often lead to days and nights of painful recovery. Locating and uncovering your tank lids may require more than just a shovel and digging bar, many times power equipment is required to reach the lids. Call or e-mail Septic Zone to get a quote on the cost of to uncover your septic tank lids. 

After the tank has been serviced, Septic Zone will replace the tank lids and cover the tank with up to 3 inches for free. If you would like us to refill the entire hole, you will continue to incur digging charges until you are satisfied with the refil process. For Safety reasons, it is Septic Zone's policy to cover all tanks with the tank lids and a minimum of 3 inches of fill once the service is complete. 

3. Provide access for our Truck - It is important to provide the best access for our vacuum truck. We would prefer to be as close as possible but can provide service from almost 300 feet from the tank if necessary. 

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Some issues to consider are;

The type of driveway you have
All septic company trucks are extremely heavy and can damage driveways made of pavement, especially after rainfall. A properly constructed concrete driveway should easily hold the weight of our septic pumping truck. If you have a concern about potential damage to your driveway make sure you consult our driver when he arrives at your home or call us and we will evaluate the driveway for potential issues. 

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The topography of the land
Will we be pumping from a site above the tank or a location below the level of the tank? Pumping from level grade or below grade should not cause a problem but in situations where we are pumping from above grade it may be difficult to pull the waste uphill over a long distance. Septic Zone has the latest in pumping equipment on our 2008 Peterbilt. If you use one of our competitors make sure you ask if their truck can remove the waste from above grade and make sure there is no extra charge or "stand-by charge" if the service will take an extended time due to the elevation of the job site. 

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A Word About Lids
One of the hidden costs which is impossible to predict is the cost of replacing the tank lids. Over time concrete tanks begin to decay causing the concrete lid to break into pieces. If the lids are decayed and unusable then you will be charged for lid replacements. Every septic company will inform you of the benefits to lid extensions as a consideration to lid replacements. Lid extensions are designed to bring the lid of a tank to the surface where access to the tank is made easy for the next service. There are several companies who make lid extensions with prices that can range from $500 to $1000 or more. This one time cost will pay for itself since you no longer have to pay to have the tank lids unearthed every time you service your tank. Make sure you ask Septic Zone about lid extensions and let us give you a few options.

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Safety around your Septic Tank

It is important to remember that your Septic Tank is very dangerous when the lids are open. Animals and small children can fall into an open tank where they can be exposed to a host of bacterial diseases or killed by suffocation. Additionally when the technician is using the vacuum hose, small animals have been known to be sucked into the tank. Please keep all small children and pets indoors while your tanks is being serviced.

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