UPDATE: 10 October, 2014

The September Statement, signed by twenty-one philosophers on September 24, 2014, and its addendum, signed by six hundred twenty-four philosophers in the weeks following, was a pledge not to provide volunteer work for the Philosophical Gourmet Report under the control of Brian Leiter.

On October 10, Leiter publicly committed to stepping down from the PGR following the publication of the 2014 edition, which will be produced with Leiter and Berit Brogaard as co-editors. After its publication, Leiter will resign as editor, and become a member of the PGR's advisory board. (See Daily Nous's account here.)

The September Statement did not specify the conditions under which the PGR is considered to be "under the control of Brian Leiter". It is up to each individual signatory to decide whether it is consistent with the pledge to assist with the 2014 PGR with Leiter as a co-editor, or with future editions with Leiter as a board member.

We are grateful for the support of the philosophers who signed the September Statement, as well as that of those who worked in other ways to make clear that this kind of bullying behaviour is unacceptable in professional philosophy.

The original statement and its addendum, along with their lists of signatures, are preserved below.

A Statement

A serious issue has arisen that impacts Professor Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins. 

Professor Jenkins has been targeted by Professor Brian Leiter (University of Chicago) with derogatory and intimidating remarks privately by email in July, and recently with further derogatory remarks publicly on Twitter.

Professor Jenkins wrote the following blog post in July:
in response to which Professor Leiter sent her an email saying that she comes across as a “sanctimonious asshole” (and indicating that he is not sure whether "in real life" she is a sanctimonious asshole or a "civilized person"). The email also intimates that Professor Leiter is contemplating litigation against Professor Jenkins, states that he is wondering "what she is 'thinking' if anything", and asks if she plans to spit at him at the APA or chase him with a bat.

He has now followed this up by saying publicly on Twitter that he has called Carrie a “sanctimonious arse”. He sent her another email in an attempt to apologise for 'upsetting her', which only succeeded in causing further harm.

The effects of this on Professor Jenkins since July have been very serious, impacting her health, her capacity to work, and her ability to contribute to public discourse as a member of the profession. In the light of this recent incident on Professor Leiter's public Twitter feed, we feel compelled to act. We are now standing with Carrie publicly, as colleagues and friends.

Professor Leiter has the power to have this kind of impact on Professor Jenkins in part because of his control over the Philosophical Gourmet Report. We don't find what has happened to our colleague acceptable, and don't wish voluntarily to help provide Professor Leiter the power that makes it possible.

It is up to each of us individually to decide what we will volunteer to do. The undersigned members of the philosophical community have decided to decline to volunteer our services to Leiter's PGR. While we recognise that there are other ways to condemn Professor Leiter's behaviour and to support our colleague, we think the best choice for us involves publicly declining to assist with the PGR. We cannot continue to volunteer services in support of the PGR in good conscience as long as Brian Leiter continues to behave in this way. We therefore decline to take the PGR survey, we decline to serve on the PGR advisory board, and we decline to send Professor Leiter information to help him compile the survey (e.g. updated faculty lists and corrections). We are only declining to volunteer our services to the PGR while it is under the control of Brian Leiter. With a different leadership structure, the benefits of the guide might be achieved without detriment to our colleague.

We feel that we need to consider very carefully what kind of example we are setting for graduate students, and for philosophers across the whole discipline, when something like this happens. Tolerating this kind of behaviour signals to them that they can expect the same in their own professional lives. We wish to set a clear example of how to respond appropriately but firmly.

  • Scott Anderson (UBC)
  • Paul Bartha (UBC)
  • JC Beall (Connecticut and Aberdeen)
  • John Beatty (UBC)
  • Sylvia Berryman (UBC)
  • Ben Bradley (Syracuse)
  • Rachael Briggs (ANU)
  • Michael Griffin (UBC)
  • Sally Haslanger (MIT)
  • Richard Heck (Brown)
  • Christina Hendricks (UBC)
  • Jonathan Ichikawa (UBC and Aberdeen)
  • Hilde Lindemann (Michigan State)
  • Ned Markosian (Western Washington)
  • Chris Mole (UBC)
  • Alan Richardson (UBC)
  • Chris Stephens (UBC)
  • Evan Thompson (UBC)
  • Robert Williams (Leeds)
  • Crispin Wright (NYU and Aberdeen)
  • Stephen Yablo (MIT)

--Signed September 24, 2014


On September 24, the twenty-one people listed above, motivated to decline to volunteer services to the PGR by these specific incidents impacting Carrie, signed this statement.

Others may also be similarly moved by these incidents, or may know of other relevantly similar incidents, and thus may not wish to participate in the PGR while it is under the control of Brian Leiter.

If you wish to add your name to those declining for these reasons to volunteer their services to the PGR while under the control of Brian Leiter, please email septemberstatement@gmail.com with your name and affiliation. 

Please use your verifiable university email account to avoid confusion. 

Those who email are being added to the list posted below this addendum. The people signing are writing as individuals; like the philosophers listed above, each signatory declines to volunteer his or her individual services to the Philosophical Gourmet Report while it is under the control of Brian Leiter. This list will be updated as time allows.

[UPDATE (10/10/14): The addendum list is now closed.]

Addendum signatories

  1. Janice Dowell (Syracuse)
  2. Catarina Dutilh-Novaes (Groningen)
  3. Noelle McAfee (Emory)
  4. Mike Rea (Notre Dame)
  5. Elizabeth Barnes (Virginia)
  6. Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State)
  7. David Sobel (Syracuse)
  8. Ross Cameron (Virginia)
  9. Kris McDaniel (Syracuse)
  10. Roberta Millstein (UC Davis)
  11. Ruth Chang (Rutgers)
  12. Owen Flanagan (Duke)
  13. Christia Mercer (Columbia)
  14. Daniel Garber (Princeton)
  15. Helen De Cruz (Oxford)
  16. Paul Lodge (Oxford)
  17. Tad Schmaltz (Michigan)
  18. John Collins (Columbia)
  19. Taylor Carman (Barnard)
  20. Margaret Atherton (Wisconsin–Milwaukee)
  21. Andrew Pessin (Connecticut College)
  22. Charles Wolfe (Ghent)
  23. Kristopher G. Phillips (Southern Utah)
  24. Antonia LoLordo (Virginia)
  25. Tammy Nyden (Grinnell)
  26. Jason Turner (St Louis)
  27. Dave Archard (Queen's University Belfast)
  28. Susanne Sreedhar (Boston University)
  29. Alice Crary (New School for Social Research)
  30. Lydia Goehr (Columbia)
  31. Susan Peppers-Bates (Stetson)
  32. Louis deRosset (Vermont)
  33. Marcus Rossberg (University of Connecticut)
  34. Lisa Miracchi (NYU)
  35. Nick Wiltsher (UFRGS)
  36. Stephen R. Grimm (Fordham)
  37. Nathan Hanna (Drexel University)
  38. Matthew W. Turner (Francis Marion University)
  39. Ingo Brigandt (Alberta)
  40. Nora Berenstain (University of Tennesee)
  41. Audrey Yap (University of Victoria)
  42. Jennifer Saul (Sheffield)
  43. Alice MacLachlan (York University)
  44. Joel Krueger (Exeter)
  45. Julie Klein (Villanova University)
  46. Evan Westra (Maryland)
  47. Simon Evnine (Miami)
  48. Adrian Moore (Oxford)
  49. Aaron Garrett (Boston University)
  50. Bryce Huebner (Georgetown)
  51. Francesco Berto (University of Amsterdam and University of Aberdeen)
  52. Wayne C. Myrvold (University of Western Ontario)
  53. Filippo Ferrari (University of Aberdeen, NIP)
  54. Lauren Ashwell (Bates College)
  55. Mark Jago (University of Nottingham)
  56. Eric Nelson (UMass Lowell)
  57. William Lewis (Skidmore College)
  58. Lynne Tirrell (UMass Boston)
  59. Robert Skipper (Cincinnati)
  60. Laurie Shrage (Florida International University)
  61. Eric Brown (Washington University in St. Louis)
  62. Benjamin Hill (University of Western Ontario)
  63. Jonathan Tsou (Iowa State University)
  64. John Schwenkler (Florida State University)
  65. Charles Larmore (Brown University)
  66. Juliet Floyd (Boston University)
  67. Russell Ford (Elmhurst College)
  68. Roger Clarke (Queen's University Belfast)
  69. Mathieu Marion (Université du Québec à Montréal)
  70. Garret Merriam (University of Southern Indiana)
  71. Simon Cabulea May (Florida State University)
  72. Serene J. Khader (Brooklyn College CUNY)
  73. Robert Stalnaker (MIT)
  74. Eric Sanday (University of Kentucky)
  75. Philip Ebert (Stirling)
  76. Eric Winsberg (University of South Florida)
  77. Aidan McGlynn (University of Edinburgh)
  78. Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
  79. Ted Poston (South Alabama)
  80. Carlotta Pavese (Duke University)
  81. Nicholas Denyer (Trinity College, Cambridge)
  82. John Kulvicki (Dartmouth College)
  83. David Efird (University of York)
  84. Paolo Mancosu (University of California, Berkeley)
  85. Patricia Blanchette (University of Notre Dame)
  86. Christopher Woodard (Nottingham)
  87. Catherine Womack (Bridgewater State University)
  88. Kieran Setiya (MIT)
  89. Zoe Drayson (Stirling)
  90. Cody Gilmore (UC Davis)
  91. Russell Dale (Lehman College, CUNY)
  92. Holly Lawford-Smith (Sheffield)
  93. Clinton Tolley (UC San Diego)
  94. Jeremy Neill (Houston Baptist University)
  95. Cory Wimberly (University of Texas Pan American)
  96. Gary Shapiro (University of Richmond)
  97. Kyle Dennedy (Indiana University (Bloomington)
  98. Lisa Schwartzman (Michigan State)
  99. Simon Hewitt (Birkbeck)
  100. Richard Matthews (Lakehead University)
  101. Ted Parent (Virginia Tech)
  102. Miriam Solomon (Temple University)
  103. Stephanie Ross (University of Missouri -- St. Louis)
  104. Peter Vanderschraaf (University of California Merced)
  105. Heidi Grasswick (Middlebury College)
  106. Jeff Engelhardt (Dickinson College)
  107. Brad Skow (MIT)
  108. Jeff Engelhardt (Dickinson College)
  109. Shen-yi Liao (Nanyang Technological University / University of Leeds)
  110. Dustin Tucker (Colorado State University)
  111. Jamie Lindemann Nelson (Michigan State)
  112. Rani Lill Anjum (NMBU, Aas)
  113. Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech)
  114. Christopher Grau (Clemson)
  115. Jonathan Tallant (University of Nottingham)
  116. John Kaag (UMass Lowell)
  117. Debbie Roberts (Edinburgh)
  118. Kim Frost (Syracuse)
  119. Sandrine Berges (Bilkent University)
  120. Mark Steen (Bogazici)
  121. Cynthia Willett (Emory)
  122. Meena Krishnamurthy (University of Manitoba)
  123. John Hacker-Wright (Guelph)
  124. Matthew Fulkerson (UCSD)
  125. Stephen M. Downes (Utah)
  126. Margaret Schabas (UBC)
  127. Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M University)
  128. Christian Munthe (Gothenburg)
  129. Carole Lee (University of Washington)
  130. Joachim Horvath (Cologne)
  131. Hasana Sharp (McGill)
  132. Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham)
  133. Joshua Alexander (Siena College)
  134. Rebecca Roache (University of London)
  135. Nathan Jun (Midwestern State University)
  136. Leigh M. Johnson (Christian Brothers University
  137. Mark Alfano (University of Oregon)
  138. Eleonore Stump (St Louis University)
  139. Elinor Mason (Edinburgh)
  140. Peter Groff (Bucknell University)
  141. Mog Stapleton (Stuttgart)
  142. Danielle Bromwich (UMass-Boston)
  143. Reinhard Muskens (Tilburg)
  144. Christopher Menzel (Texas A&M)
  145. Eline Busck Gundersen (Oslo)
  146. Avery Archer (University of Tennessee)
  147. Michael Brownstein (CUNY)
  148. Maeve O'Donovan (Notre Dame of Maryland University)
  149. Hugh Miller (Loyola University Chicago)
  150. Asta Kristjana Sveinsdottir (San Francisco State)
  151. John Drabinski (Amherst College)
  152. Kate Manne (Cornell University)
  153. Marc A. Moffett (UTEP)
  154. Janet Folina (Macalester College)
  155. Seth Lazar (ANU)
  156. Peg Birmingham (DePaul)
  157. Letitia Meynell (Dalhousie)
  158. Edward Hall (Harvard)
  159. Lee Walters (Southampton)
  160. Joshua Brown (Gustavus Adolphus College)
  161. Alexis Burgess (Stanford)
  162. Josh Parsons (Oxford)
  163. Helen Beebee (Manchester)
  164. Barry Maguire (UNC Chapel Hill)
  165. Robert Richardson (Cincinnati)
  166. Colin Koopman (University of Oregon)
  167. Jennifer Jill Fellows (UBC)
  168. Sally Sedgwick (UIC)
  169. Lisa Fuller (Albany)
  170. Andy Egan (Rutgers)
  171. Brandon Fitelson (Rutgers)
  172. Bernhard Nickel (Harvard)
  173. Nick Huggett (UIC)
  174. Tom Eyers (Duquesne)
  175. Nicholaos Jones (Alabama-Huntsville)
  176. Jeremy Fantl (Calgary)
  177. David P. Wong (Duke)
  178. Kok-Chor Tan (Pennsylvania)
  179. Alexander George (Amherst College)
  180. Steven Swartzer (UNC Chapel Hill)
  181. Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern)
  182. Jonardon Ganeri (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  183. Wendy Donner (Carleton)
  184. Jonathan D. Jacobs (St Louis University)
  185. Sara Rachel Chant (Tulane and Missouri)
  186. Patrick Girard (Auckland)
  187. Steven Nadler (Wisconsin-Madison)
  188. Mark Alznauer (Northwestern)
  189. Sean Valles (Michigan State University)
  190. Kate Nolfi (Vermont)
  191. Kevin Thompson (DePaul)
  192. Samuel Gorovitz (Syracuse)
  193. Bradley Strawser (Naval Postgraduate School)
  194. Daniel Nolan (ANU)
  195. Markos Valaris (New South Wales)
  196. Alexus McLeod (Colorado State University)
  197. Rebecca Kukla (Georgetown)
  198. Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (Oxford)
  199. Gabriel Rabin (NYU-Abu Dhabi)
  200. Nancy Bauer (Tufts University)
  201. Robin Celikates (University of Amsterdam)
  202. Simon Kirchin (Kent)
  203. Randall Harp (Vermont)
  204. Helen Frowe (Stockholm University)
  205. Ben Colburn (Glasgow)
  206. Emma Bullock (Central European University)
  207. Toby Meadows (Aberdeen)
  208. Justin Smith (Paris VII)
  209. Michael Morris (Sussex)
  210. Ole Koksvik (University of Bergen)
  211. Eleanor Knox (King’s College London)
  212. Giacomo Melis (University of Aberdeen)
  213. Giulia Terzian (University of Bristol)
  214. Nathaniel Jezzi (Aberdeen)
  215. Dirk Kindermann (University of Graz)
  216. Beth Lord (Aberdeen)
  217. Taneli Kukkonen (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  218. Daniel J Hill (University of Liverpool)
  219. Luca Moretti (Aberdeen & Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)
  220. Heather Widdows (Birmingham)
  221. Don Howard (Notre Dame)
  222. Michael Ridge (University of Edinburgh)
  223. Alexander Jech (Notre Dame)
  224. Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff University)
  225. Yang Xiao (Kenyon College)
  226. David Ripley (University of Connecticut)
  227. Naomi Scheman, University of Minnesota
  228. Pleshette DeArmitt (University of Memphis)
  229. Tom Ward (Loyola Marymount University)
  230. Stephen Makin (Sheffield University)
  231. Neil Williams (Buffalo)
  232. José Medina (Vanderbilt University)
  233. Christine Daigle (Brock University)
  234. Hille Paakkunainen (Syracuse)
  235. Jennifer Frey (South Carolina)
  236. David Koepsell (TU Delft)
  237. Colin Macleod (Victoria)
  238. Kandace D. Kellett-Riddle (Southern Illinois)
  239. Patrick Lin (California Polytechnic State University)
  240. Ammon Allred (University of Toledo)
  241. Robert Van Gulick (Syracuse)
  242. Bill Brewer (King's College London)
  243. Amy Allen (Dartmouth)
  244. Andrew Cutrofello (Loyola University Chicago)
  245. Fabien Medvecky (University of Otago)
  246. Tony Laden (UIC)
  247. Suzy Killmister (University of Connecticut)
  248. Brian Weatherson (University of Michigan)
  249. Mike Robillard (University of Connecticut)
  250. William Blattner (Georgetown)
  251. Saba Bazargan (UC San Diego)
  252. Esa Diaz-Leon (Barcelona/Manitoba)
  253. Adam Knowles (Drexel University)
  254. Adriel M. Trott (Wabash College)
  255. Aldo Antonelli (UC Davis)
  256. Sonia Roca-Royes (University of Stirling)
  257. Richard Zach (Calgary)
  258. Bronwyn Finnigan (ANU)
  259. Kit Fine (NYU)
  260. Gilbert Harman (Princeton)
  261. Anita Leirfall (University of Bergen)
  262. Sergio Tenenbaum (University of Toronto)
  263. Claire Katz (Texas A&M University)
  264. Kate Abramson (Indiana University)
  265. Graham Oppy (Monash)
  266. Matt Weiner (University of Vermont)
  267. Lori Watson (University of San Diego)
  268. Elaine Landry (UC Davis)
  269. Eva Feder Kittay (Stony Brook University)
  270. Rachel McKinnon (College of Charleston)
  271. Beatrice Longuenesse (NYU)
  272. Thomas Bontly (University of Connecticut)
  273. Alejandro Pérez Carballo (UMass Amherst)
  274. Colin Allen (Indiana University)
  275. Heidi Howkins Lockwood (Southern Connecticut)
  276. Angelika Kratzer (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
  277. Koji Tanaka (University of Auckland)
  278. Graham Harman (American University in Cairo)
  279. Ruth Boeker (Melbourne)
  280. Ofra Magidor (University of Oxford)
  281. Patrick Greenough (University of St Andrews)
  282. Michael P. Lynch (University of Connecticut)
  283. William Wilkerson (University of Alabama in Huntsville)
  284. Hanti Lin (UC Davis)
  285. Hilary Kornblith (UMass, Amherst)
  286. Charles Mills (Northwestern)
  287. Stephen Menn (McGill and HU-Berlin)
  288. Julian Dodd (Manchester)
  289. Kevin Aho (Florida Gulf Coast University)
  290. David Stern (University of Iowa)
  291. Kevin Coffey (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  292. Amy Olberding (University of Oklahoma)
  293. Grace Hunt (Western Kentucky University)
  294. Anna Gotlib (Brooklyn College CUNY)
  295. Scott Weinstein (University of Pennsylvania)
  296. Raul Saucedo (University of Colorado Boulder)
  297. Sarah Tyson (University of Colorado Denver)
  298. Gaile Pohlhaus (Miami)
  299. John J. McDermott (Texas A&M University)
  300. Blain Neufeld (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)
  301. Katharine Schweitzer (University of Nevada, Reno)
  302. Andrew Jason Cohen (Georgia State University)
  303. Eric Michael Dale (Emerson College)
  304. Dylan Wittkower (Old Dominion University)
  305. Terry Pinkard (Georgetown University)
  306. Darrel Moellendorf (Goethe University-Frankfurt)
  307. Krister Bykvist (Stockholm University)
  308. Christian Wüthrich (UC San Diego)
  309. Karen Detlefsen (University of Pennsylvania)
  310. Neil Van Leeuwen (GSU)
  311. Stephen Puryear (North Carolina State University)
  312. Dr. Lisa Guenther (Vanderbilt University)
  313. Rebecca Tuvel (Rhodes College)
  314. Angela Potochnik (University of Cincinnati)
  315. Karen Ng (Vanderbilt University)
  316. Donald Rutherford (University of California, San Diego)
  317. Noa Naaman-Zauderer (Tel Aviv University)
  318. Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham University)
  319. Jon Cogburn (Louisiana State University)
  320. Janet D. Stemwedel (San Jose State University)
  321. Douglas W. Portmore (Arizona State University)
  322. Vann McGee (MIT)
  323. Nick C. Sagos (Rutgers)
  324. Chris Armstrong (Southampton)
  325. David McNeill (University of Essex)
  326. Eze Paez (Pompeu Fabra University)
  327. Dan Haybron (Saint Louis University)
  328. Luciano Floridi (Oxford)
  329. Boris Hennig (Ryerson University Toronto)
  330. Amy M. Schmitter (University of Alberta)
  331. Alison Laywine (McGill)
  332. Elizabeth Anderson (University of Michigan)
  333. Scott Davidson (Oklahoma City University)
  334. Alia Al-Saji (McGill University)
  335. Matt Farr (Queensland)
  336. John Lachs (Vanderbilt)
  337. Hugh H. Benson (University of Oklahoma) 
  338. Mikkel Gerken (Edinburgh)
  339. Babette Babich (Fordham)
  340. Soraya Gollop (Southern Methodist University)
  341. Idit Dobbs-Weinstein (Vanderbilt)
  342. Gunnar Björnsson (Umeå University)
  343. Tom Dougherty (University of Cambridge)
  344. Samir Chopra (Brooklyn College of CUNY)
  345. David Wood (Vanderbilt)
  346. Casper Storm Hansen (University of Aberdeen)
  347. Michela Massimi (Edinburgh)
  348. Todd May (Clemson University)
  349. Daniel Conway (Texas A&M University)
  350. Devora Shapiro (Southern Oregon University)
  351. Milena Ivanova (Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy)
  352. Greg Johnson (Pacific Lutheran University and Oxford)
  353. Philippe Chuard (SMU)
  354. Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna College)
  355. Michael Thompson (University of Pittsburgh)
  356. David Sussman (UIUC)
  357. Nolen Gertz (Pacific Lutheran University)
  358. Simon Keller (Victoria University of Wellington)
  359. Pekka Vayrynen (Leeds)
  360. Alasdair Richmond (University of Edinburgh)
  361. Jennifer Morton (City College, CUNY)
  362. Daniel Elstein (Leeds)
  363. Jan-Willem Romeijn (University of Groningen)
  364. J. Adam Carter (University of Edinburgh)
  365. Bill Bristow (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)
  366. S. West Gurley (Sam Houston State University)
  367. Eugene Marshall (Florida International University)
  368. Julinna C. Oxley (Coastal Carolina University)
  369. Nellie Wieland (CSU Long Beach)
  370. Matt MacKenzie (Colorado State University)
  371. Eliot Michaelson (King's College London)
  372. Dan López de Sa (ICREA-Barcelona)
  373. Chauncey Maher (Dickinson College)
  374. Richard Greene (Weber State University)
  375. J. Suilin Lavelle (University of Edinburgh)
  376. Dilip Ninan (Tufts University)
  377. Kristina Meshelski (California State University, Northridge)
  378. Stephen Mulhall (University of Oxford)
  379. Tom Digby (Springfield College)
  380. Arnon Levy (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  381. Ellen Fridland (King's College London)
  382. Luca Barlassina (University of Sheffield)
  383. Mitzi Lee (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  384. Jonathan Cohen (UCSD)
  385. Andrea Westlund (Wisconsin–Milwaukee)
  386. Michael Hannon (Fordham University) 
  387. Sarah Paul (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
  388. Christian Coseru (College of Charleston)
  389. Jeffrey Bell (Southeastern Louisiana University)
  390. Phyllis Illari (UCL)
  391. Claire Horisk (University of Missouri)
  392. Kent Staley (St. Louis)
  393. Marcus Hedahl (US Naval Academy)
  394. Shelley Tremain (University of Toronto/OISE)
  395. Mika LaVaque-Manty (University of Michigan)
  396. Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
  397. Chiara Ambrosio (University College London)
  398. Pascal Massie (Miami University)
  399. Gillian Russell (Washington University in St Louis)
  400. Mark Okrent (Bates College)
  401. Daniel Star (Boston University)
  402. Kyla Ebels-Duggan (Northwestern)
  403. Brian Armstrong (Georgia Regents University)
  404. Luke Maring (Northern Arizona University)
  405. Magdalena Balcerak Jackson (University of Konstanz)
  406. Susan Brower-Toland (Saint Louis University)
  407. James Sias (Dickinson College)
  408. Timothy Stock (Salisbury University)
  409. Paul Kelleher (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  410. Aaron Zimmerman (UCSB)
  411. Matt Kisner (University of South Carolina)
  412. Eric Steinhart (William Paterson University)
  413. Eric Chelstrom (St. Mary’s University)
  414. Jeffrey L. Kasser (Colorado State University)
  415. Carla Fehr (University of Waterloo)
  416. Gabriel Greenberg (UCLA)
  417. Jeff Ramsey (Smith College)
  418. Brian Kim (Bowdoin College)
  419. Carolyn Cusick (California State University, Fresno)
  420. Carl Chung (Century College)
  421. Philip Robbins (University of Missouri)
  422. A. J. Cotnoir (St Andrews)
  423. Christopher Vogel (University of Maryland)
  424. Elizabeth Victor (William Paterson University)
  425. William Bechtel (UCSD)
  426. Wayne Riggs (University of Oklahoma)
  427. Carolyn Dicey Jennings (University of California, Merced)
  428. Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire)
  429. Alison Wylie (University of Washington and Durham University)
  430. Rachel Cohon (University at Albany, S.U.N.Y.)
  431. Mason Cash (University of Central Florida)
  432. Josefa Toribio (University of Barcelona)
  433. Andy Lamey (UCSD)
  434. Roy T Cook (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  435. Candice Delmas (Clemson University)
  436. Kathrin Koslicki (University of Alberta)
  437. Kathleen Wallace (Hofstra)
  438. Timothy Shanahan (Loyola Marymount University)
  439. Roger White (MIT)
  440. Justin Steinberg (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
  441. Maureen Eckert (UMASS Dartmouth)
  442. William T. Myers (Birmingham-Southern College)
  443. Edward Kazarian (Rowan University)
  444. Anthony Dardis (Hofstra University)
  445. Anne O'Byrne (Stony Brook)
  446. Lisa Tessman (Binghamton University)
  447. Joshua Spencer (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  448. Jeremy Snyder (Simon Fraser University)
  449. Michelle Bastian (University of Edinburgh)
  450. Elliott Sober (University of Wisconsin)
  451. Jonathan Way (University of Southampton)
  452. Monique Deveaux (University of Guelph)
  453. James Genone (Rutgers University, Camden)
  454. Cristina Cammarano (Salisbury University)
  455. Rocío Zambrana (University of Oregon)
  456. Ted Toadvine (University of Oregon)
  457. Tiger C. Roholt (Montclair State University)
  458. Matthew Congdon (Vanderbilt)
  459. Masashi Kasaki (Kyoto University and Osaka University)
  460. Fanny Söderbäck (Siena College)
  461. Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther (UC Santa Cruz)
  462. Peter Warnek (University of Oregon)
  463. Andrea Woody (University of Washington)
  464. Karin Boxer (UBC)
  465. Yuri Cath (University of East Anglia)
  466. Deborah Achtenberg (University of Nevada, Reno)
  467. Brendan Clarke (UCL)
  468. Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers)
  469. Roy Ben-Shai (Haverford)
  470. Kimberly Garchar (Kent State University)
  471. Daniel Silvermint (University of Connecticut)
  472. Carrie Figdor (University of Iowa)
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