Other Characters

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Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife was supposedly the main character of Final Fantasy VII, has blue glowing eyes, and wears a navy blue outfit with a metal pouldron on his shoulder.

Tifa Lockheart
Cloud's childhood friend, Tifa joins a rebel group AVALANCHE in their efforts to save the planet. She seems to save cloud along the way, and hopefully one day they fall in love.


Aeris Gainsborough


Barret Wallace


Jenova is an alien life form that was mistakenly thought to be an ancient Cetra. Several SOLDIERs were injected with Jenova cells in an effort to give them ancient abilities.

Professor Hojo is a Shin-Ra research scientist - a mad scientist who has a god complex. He is also the father of our hero, Sephiroth.

Lucrecia Crescent
Lucrecia is also a Shin-Ra researcher, who had a child, Sephiroth, with Professor Hojo.