Final Fantasy VII - the Origins of the Legend. 

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Advent Children






 Sephiroth first appeared in one of the most popular Role-Playing Games of all time. Final Fantasy One was the game to launch Square out of bankruptcy, while Final Fantasy 7 was the massive adventure to launch them into a new age.

Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997, centers around the struggle between a group of adventurers and a powerful supoer corporate empire known as "Shinra". Shinra is draining the lifestream of the planet to develop electricity and energy, and as conflicts escalate the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Over 9 and a half millions copies of FF7 have been sold throughout the world, making it the best-selling-ever FF title. The plot is rich and amazing, and the graphics were some of the best of the age. With a possible 80+ hours of good playtime if you take it slow, Square's seventh FF title is the console role-playing game that is said to have launched RPGs into the mainstream outside of Japan.