Only the rare elite can pull of such a show of strength, courage, and iconism. 

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Advent Children





To be Sephiroth, the only one worthy of our undying affection, takes a certain perspective. A unique view - seeing the world's darkness and evil and corruption, and hoping that such a terrible future can end. You are the last of the Cetra, you see. And although terrible people will try to stand in your way, you will absorb them and make them one with you. That is your mother's wish... and you will fulfill this wish.


First of all, you can't have an outfit that looks WRINKLED. Armor is not made of plastic and fabric, and should never wrinkled. The length of the handle here makes the sword seems as if it's probably too short also.

Don't looks store-bought... nor plastic! These shoulder pads would never stop a sword attack. Real leather straps are a must also. However, the wing looks good it could be a bit longer, but the sword is rather nice... longer always good.

Nice work on the background here... but IRL people wouldn't see that. The straps look real, but the hair falls pretty flat.... altough it's probably the most real looking stuff. The sword looks WAY long judging by the hilt - which is perfect. The armor is nice and unique with metal, which is quality, but the shape could be a tiny bit better. Still, not bad at all.