Sephy Is God
God of all of Midgar, Wutai, and other places is here.


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Far away in a Shinra research facility, a child called Sephiroth was conceived. Before his birth, strange and possibly twisted experiments were performed on the unborn baby, and those experiments resulted in a child of a certain legendary destiny.

And so, the legend of Sephiroth began.


And ever since, this legend has remained. Even after apparent death from the vicious onslaught of a rogue called Cloud, he still lived on in the lifestream, and he still will one day conquer all. He lives on even after being hit with a powerful Limit Break, and will live on even after even the strongest of materia is used against the great future god.

Sephiroth's Limit Break

The most powerful, amazing strength ever created through experiment, has... yet to be seen.  No mako-infused SOLDIER could ever match the might of the Jenova-powered Sephiroth and his Masamune.