Terms and Conditions

Please read before placing an order 

Terms and Conditions:


  • It is your resposibility to provide accurate images. I will be going by these images when creating your orders so if there is something you want changed such as style or colour then say so. 
  • I will work by the date you give me when the order is placed. If you suddenly decide you want it sooner I will not accept a new date. It is your responsibity to decide when you need the wig by at the beginning, I will not move other orders around if you change your mind.
  • When placing a rush order (past the cut off date) it is with the understanding that it may not be completed in time if materials are delayed at all. If your orders is not completed in time it will still be completed unless told otherwise. All refunds and cancelations are treated in the same way as normal orders. 
  • Any commission made by SephWigs is not to be entered into any competition without credit given and permission by myself.
  • I reserve the right to refuse and price orders as I see appropriate. If you do not like the price you are given do not then ask for a discount or how to make it yourself. I price orders accoring to the time it takes me to complete it, you are paying for my time and skill, if you do not want to pay for that do not commission me.

Prices & charges:

  • As I deal with international orders there is the chance that higher priced orders will be held and charged by customs. Orders over $26/£18 are subject to VAT charges. Any order charged by HM Revenue & Customs must be paid by the customer. Unfortunately I cannot cover these charges so they must be added onto the commission price (this includes any returned orders).
  • Items will only be posted on completion of payment. I will not send out any order if I have not recieved payment. No exceptions will be made on this.
  • If no payment is recieved after two weeks (from the date of completion and contacting the customer) without any contact from the buyer during that time the commission will be considered void and the item will be put on sale. If contact is made and you do not wish to set up a payment plan you will be given a further two weeks to pay.
  • If you are unable to pay for the order right away and inform me of such, it will be held (starting from the time the order is completed and customer has been contacted for payment) for one month for payments under $100, three months for payments over $100 or an installment plan will be set up (set at the time of order completion and covering the period of holding). If no payment is recieved after the one/three months or the installment plan is not followed the order will be put up for sale.  


  •  Shipping costs will be covered by the buyer in the final payment. I will send it by whatever method you would like which we can discuss at the beginning, default prices listed in the Prices and Shipping page are based upon average past price for wigs only. All orders will be weighed and priced before sending incase the price is different to the default.
  • Please be aware that exceptionally large or heavy orders may have to be shipped special delivery and so will cost more. All orders are priced by weight and as such the larger/heavier the order the more the postage will be.
  •  Shipping within the UK  takes on average 1-3 working days with First and Second Class. Shipping worldwide with Airmail takes on average 3-5 working days. These are only time estimates given by the Post Office and obviously can not be guaranteed. I do not take responsibility if shipping times exceed these averages, it is the responsibility of the postal service once the parcel has been handed over to them.
  •  Airmail, First Class and Second Class DO NOT come with tracking numbers. If you would like special or recorded delivery please state this before the order is shipped.

Refunds and Deposits:

  • Deposits are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel or return an order you will not get your deposit back as materials/wigs will have already been bought and are unable to be returned to the company. 
  • If you choose to cancel after I have started work on or finished your order you will be required to pay the final cost and will still get the order if you want it, as unfortunately I can't get the time spent on the order back.
  • Each order is treated as being individual. If you wish to change your order after materials have been bought for the first, you will not get the original deposit back. If the materials can be used for the new order then a new deposit will not be required. If you change your order after I have begun work on the first order and the materials can't be used for the new order then you will be required to pay the final cost and will still get the original order. The new order will be treated as being completely separate from this.
  • I do not take responsibility for postal mistakes. I pack and label orders with the utmost care to ensure they arrive safely. If orders are damaged, delayed or lost during transit  it is the responsibility of the postal service and must be take up with them. Refunds will not be issued by myself for postal mistakes however I will help as much as possible to recover your item. 
  • I will advise on the best shipping method for your order e.g. boxed shipping for spiked wigs. If you decide not to follow that advise then you will be risking possible damage to your order.
  • If there is a problem with the style on arrival (that prevents you being able to wear it) that cannot be fixed I will issue a refund. Refunds will be given for styling costs only once the wig has been returned.
  • Refunds will not be given for manufacturing mistakes (ie the wig does not fit your head and is not due to styling issues), damages during transport or thereafter, if you decide you no longer want the order, if you have provided incorrect measurements or images, or if you decide that you simply do not like how it looks (I send images before wigs are sent out, you will know what you are recieveing).