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Please email me if you're interested in any of the sale items. Sale items include unpaid orders and other cosplay items. Items are ready to be shipped as soon as payment is recieved. 

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Wig Dyes

16 oz Alcohol based dye for synthetic wigs - $35 per bottle.
Don't want to spend hours using markers on your wig? Can't find the colour you're looking for? Mixed and ready for use, this wig dye works wonderfully on a number of different wigs, including fur fibre wigs. One 500ml/17oz bottle is enough to fully cover a 51 inch wig or two shoulder length wigs and can be customed mixed especially for your order!
With your bottle of dye you also get: 1 re-usable spray bottle, 1 pair of latex gloves and a set of instructions.
Please note:  This dye has been tested on kanekelon, fur fibre and cosworx wigs. If using on any other wig please do a strand test first and always ensure you rinse your wig thoroughly before wearing.

Dye is currently avaliable in:  (Please see below the table for details on custom colours)

Silver Grey


Blood Red


Grass Green

 Fire Red

Sea Blue

Racing Green

Carrot Orange

Sky Blue

Dark Green

 Golden Yellow

Storm Blue


Cheesy Yellow


Candy Floss Pink

Dirty Yellow

Custom dyes: If the colour you want isn't listed in the table above, please contact me with referance images to see if a custom mixed colour is possible. I will personally do a strand test for you before sending it out.

Ready to ship now


Lulu - Final Fantasy X
Style includes accurate fringe and the large braided bun at the back, the braids at the back are removable. Made for myself but never worn once.
Price = $80

Machi Tobaye - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Style include zig-zag parting, layering at the top and a spiral curl made separately and added on. Sadly the wig was too short for the customer so was returned and has not been worn except to try on briefly. 
Price = $61


Konan Ring - Naruto
Made from Fimo clay and completely hand painted. Coated in nail polish for added shine. Never been worn, kanji in the centre says "white".
Price = $15