Prices and Shipping


Final prices for wig commissions include both the price of the wig and the cost for styling it. As prices for wigs vary depending on length and quality I can't give a set price for the base wig itself, but they rarely cost more than $20 to $40 per wig unless a specific wig is required or it is exceptionally long.

In terms of styling I work by the hour. Prices are set however, so you will not have to pay more if I work slower on one wig than the last one. Styling prices will vary depending on the specific style you want, the base prices below reflect the average price and may be more or less than what you pay. (As I take world wide orders and the wigs I buy are priced in USD prices are listed in USDollars to save confusion between the Pound and the Euro and constantly changing exchange rates.)

Short wig styling: (Shoulder length)
Simple - $20
Difficult - $30
Deluxe - $40+

Long wig styling: (Past the shoulders)
Simple - $20
Difficult - $40
Deluxe - $50+ 

Dyeing is at a set price of $35 per wig, this includes cost of materials and my fee. Please note that not all wigs take the dye as well as others and so I would prefer to pick the wig instead of using one already bought by you. For fully custom made wigs please contact me for a quote.

Please note that the deluxe option is for styling with accessories, cores, dyes, extensions, etc and any style that is extremely challenging. A final price will be confirmed when we first talk about what needs doing. Prices will include cost of materials and so will vary order to order. Previous commission prices may not reflect the current price, always check with me for an up to date quote.


I offer a number of treatments for wigs such as detangling, washing and re-styling/fixing an old style. Prices for this depend on how much work a wig needs on it but can start from as little as $5 a wig.


Kigurumi prices vary depending on the order. I offer 3 kinds of Kigu; adult size made to fit people 5'5" and up, child size made to fit people 4'0" to 5'5" and half kigurumi that are a hoodie style top for all sizes.

The prices below give only an example of prices for each order. Please always ask for an individual quote and not price it yourself. All example prices include material costs and commission fee, they do not include shipping prices.  The three price ranges refer to the number of block colours used, small details such as extra colours for eyes, fangs etc are not included. E.g. Mew, while having blue and white for the eyes, has only one block colour (pink) so is classed as "simple".

Please note these prices are given in £GBP and not USD as I usually do. Please ask if you wish to have the price quoted in USD.

Child Kigurumi:

Simple (one colour) = £40

Intermediate (2-3 colours) = £50

Detailed (4+ colours) = £70+

Adult Kigurumi:

Simple (one colour) = £45

Intermediate (2-3 colours) = £60

Detailed (4+ colours) = £80+

Half hoodie Kigurumi:

Simple (one colour) = £30

Intermediate (2-3 colours) = £40

Detailed (4+ colours) =  £60+

Extras: (Made to order in individual sizes)

Booties = £10

Mittens = £5

Accessories, props, BJDs and other cosplay items:

Cosplay items will vary in price depending on materials used and the ammount of detail required but can start from as little as $10. As with the wigs the price of each commission will be confirmed before starting. Please note that BJD commissions will depend on the size and make of the doll.

Payment and shipping information:

For deposits and final payments I will accept paypal (preferably in dollars), cheque and cash, however please keep in mind I will only begin work on a comission once the deposit has cleared/arrived. Once the commission is completed I will send you an invoice with a reminder of the price.  

My default shipping method is flat packed or boxed and shipped via Royal Mail Airmail or First Class. If not already agreed beforehand, a shipping method will be decided once the order is finished, if you have specific requirements for shipping please state them then. The following prices are for my default shipping methods on wigs and do not include EMS etc. Please note that the prices for international shipping can vary slightly depending on the location. If your order is international and large in size (doesn't fit in a box that totals 90cm in length plus girth, yes it's a stupid rule) then it may not be able to be shipped via Royal Mail and will need to use Parcel Force for an aditional cost. All orders over 2kg will also need to be shipped via Parcel Force no matter where you live.

United Kingdom:
Flat Packed - $10
Boxed & Padded - $20

Flat Packed - $10-15
Boxed & Padded - $20-30

For multiple orders if both can fit into a single box than I offer 25% discount on the total shipping cost. (Eg two wigs at $20 each for shipping gives a total of $30 with discount) I will inform you if you qualify for this discount when the order is completed.