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Hi there!

Welcome to my commissioning site, I'm Liz Noble AKA Seph or SephNoir. I started commissions because I want to provide an excellent quality service for a very reasonable price. I feel that currently prices for commissions are too high for cosplayers, especially when many of us work to a tight budget. I give all customers a high standard of wig styling, making, colouring and de-tangling treatments and much more at fair prices, so please take a look around. I have almost four years of experience in wig styling, costume making and more so what are you waiting for?

Aside from wigs, I also take accessory, prop and other cosplay commissions including but not limited to; jewellery, hair accessories, hats , belts, wands, tails, paws, ears, gloves and some partial costume pieces. Depending on what make I also take orders for BJD commissions including cosplay and non-cosplay commissions.

Carry on cosplaying!


News & Updates:

22/02/10 -

Things have been a little hectic recently so I must first apologise to anyone waiting on commissions. Over the last month we had some big problems with one of our cats; Sarah. She's 14 now and has been losing weight gradually which we first thought was due to her becoming more active. After a trip to the vet they said it was very likely her cancer had returned (she had it and beat it 5 years ago now) and that it was worse that before. Over the last month she's had a number of tests, scans and biopsies (as scans showed some kind of lymph swelling in a number of places) so we've been back and forth to the vets. Thankfully however this week she was given the all clear! She's been suffering from a very bad bowel infection which affected her lymph glands (which explains the unknown swelling) but is now on antibiotics and some other tablets to help get her back up to strength again and is doing much better!

Now that everything has been sorted I can finally get back on track with wigs. I will be working on orders in the coming weeks and hopefully get all current commissions cleared out within the next month. As far as taking new orders goes, what was said in the previous update still stands. I'm currently taking final orders for May in the UK, I will be taking very few rush orders after this. After that I will be back to normal as previously stated and will be taking orders full time as of August 2010.

In addition to going full time, I will also be offering kigurumi commissions. These will be available in both adult and child sizes as well as the option of being made to custom measurements. They will all come with additional extras such as mittens, boots etc. I will also be offering half Kigus of just the top and hood for those of you not wanting the full body design. Both styles will be available in polar fleece but can be made from another fabric if specified.

To run alongside these commissions I will also be looking at making a number of kigurumi to be sold at expos and conventions made from polar fleece only. These will be made in two sizes adult (to fit around 5"4' and up) and child (made to fit 3" up to around 5"-5"4').

Prices for both custom and premade kigurumi will be added later in the year, extras will cost more but prices will vary on the number of colours and the type of fabric needed.

10/01/10 -
Wow, how much do I suck at updating!? Things have been utterly insane since the last update. The wedding and the following week was wonderful, thankyou to everyone who came, sang, or saved my mum's dress!
University has been stressful to say the least, this hasn't been helped by having pneumonia, followed by swine flu and now yet another chest infection. The pneumonia really took it out of me and not giving myself time to recover definitely hasn't helped my health. With all of that I've been utterly rubbish at updating my poor site and keeping up to date with emails.
As I've mentioned already this is now my 3rd year of university, meaning big coursework assignments and big essays. This and next month's cut off dates are going to alter slightly due to this, as I'm already getting very busy with commissions.
Excluding current orders, I won't be accepting any new international orders with deadlines before the start of June. Last year got very busy around May and June and I'd like to avoid that this year so I can take my time and study for my final exams.
So, just to clarify; this month, next month and March will just be for taking orders for June onwards. UK orders will be accepted for May onwards as shipping times are significantly shorter. After that deadlines will return to normal and I'll be taking orders full time. All current orders will not be altered and will be sent out according to their original deadlines.
That's it for updates, I've got a stupid amount of images to add that I'll hopefully do sometime in the coming week. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!

05/10/09 -
Utter fail at updating! It's been a busy couple of months so I've been falling behind on updating the site.
In terms of wigs I'm currently finishing off orders for October and will be sending them out this week. I've had to limit my shipping as I'm now at uni again and don't have access to the post office everyday. Shipping will now be done Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays unless I'm not at uni for some reason.

Concerning placing orders I'm now fully open for orders again. I took a break as I didn't want to be too busy while sorting out the wedding and so it wouldn't end up like last May. I won't be taking rush orders until the start of next month however am tking orders for January now.

Aya was awesome despite being ill all weekend, I was very sad to have to cancel the panel because of it! Winning a place in the competition was wonderful and such a surprise, a big thankyou to the judges and Jack for letting me dress him up. ^^
Next up is Fuyucon which I'm very much looking forward to again, sadly it clashes with Expo so I won't get to see as many people as I'd like to! Of course before that we have the wedding! I'll be getting married on the 17th (less than two weeks now!) and everything is finally coming together. The wonderful Nert of Many Lemons has saved us and is being our photographer after poor Nia is unable to come due to health problems (hope you feel better soon!).
If I'm slow to answer emails do forgive me, uni is very hectic as it's my final year so I pretty much crash when I get home and putting the finishing touches to the wedding is surprisingly time consuming so I'm not online as often as I like.
Final bit of news is about next year. As I'm going to be finishing university this year I've been considering my options for next summer and onwards. I've decided to take commissions full time from May onwards. I'll be looking to take more props and accessories and possibly reopen costume commissions also. Due to this decision I'll be altering pricing a little and will be pricing commission fees by the hour as of next month to start building up an accurate price list. This won't really affect current prices of things I've already done much as most are priced fairly accurately already. The Roxas and other spiked or back parted wigs will be altering in price slightly as they take a little longer to complete, once I've decided on new prices I'll post them in the prices section with examples.

16/o7/09 -
Aya is almost upon us and I'm yet to start any costumes! Wigs have kept me pretty busy but it's been fun. Yami Yugi/Atem is now up and I'm very pleased with the result! I'm hoping to do some more big spike jobs in the future as they really are great to work on! I'm starting on costumes this week so keep a look out for them!
Rather big news for Aya; I've been asked by the committee to run a panel on wigs! I've got quite a bit planned already so I'm hoping it'll be successful so do stop by if you're interested in learning a bit about what I do.
In regards to October orders; I'll be taking commissions until the end of next month and then stopping. May was fantastically busy however I wasn't able to get any costumes done because of the number of wigs. As I'll also be getting ready for the wedding I'll unfortunately have to limit myself to the number I take so I can get everything done in time.
That's about it for now, I'm finishing off pre-ayacon orders tomorrow and they'll be sent out over the weekend. After that I'll be having a wiggy break until after Aya so I can focus on costumes and the panel!

30/05/09 -
Expo has finally come and gone. It was great to see so many of my wigs around although I unfortunately didn't get to see you all. I've got quite a few good photos which I'll be uploading to the events pages once I go through them. It was amazingly hot on both days so ended up not being so great for those of us in heavier costumes. Masq was fantastic as always and I was pleased to see considerably less free huggers around than last time!
Exams are out the way at last(!) and I'm now working on all orders for June, July and August. I'm planning on getting them all completed and sent out by the end of June so watch the gallery for updates. I've got a couple of fun orders to work on including a Yuugi wig and hopefully some more that I can use cores for.
Next up is Ayacon in mid August, really looking forward to making a start on our costumes for it! I'm really pleased to be doing another clow card, though working out how exactly we're going to be transporting the person sized hat is still escaping us. Although it is now past the cut off date I'm still taking orders for Aya on a case by case basis.
I'm now taking orders for the rest of the year including October Expo and Fuyucon. After August I'm expecting to be fairly busy (wedding, moving, decorating, final year dissertaion etc), so do keep that in mind if ordering something that you know is going to take longer than most. If you're thinking about ordering anything for next year (up to about May) please do give extra time as I will be extremely busy around that time especially with uni work and exams, for May orders I'm currently recommending people order around January.
I'll be updating the gallery this week with a few wigs I've not yet added photos for and also be adding new orders.

28/04/09 -
Just a short update this time really until next month. May orders are almost complete. I have 10 wigs left to do this week so if you've not gotten your wig yet keep an eye out for the gallery updates. After that I'll be focusing on exams so won't be updating much for the next few weeks sadly.
On a non-wiggy note I'm pleased to announce that we have booked our venue for the wedding reception and photographer who is going to be the lovely Tak/Nia. We'll be sending invites out soon so please excuse me if I come hunting for your address!
We've decided to change our plans for May cosplays too, we're not entering the masq this time so I can get some good shots of all my customers. We're cosplaying on the Saturday but on Sunday will be donning our SephWigs t-shirts (fittingly covered in hair dye) and hunting the rest of you down!

02/04/09 -
Whew! What a hectic month! Minami is all over sadly but now we all have the sumer cons to look forward to! I'll be adding the new Mars Djinn plushie as soon as I get some good photos of it, though we'll not be debuting our Golden Sun costumes until May now so no images yet.
On the wig front, I've got a few more updates to the gallery to add including a Zack Fair wig for the lovely Efia. I'm currently finishing off orders for Kitacon this weekend and will be shipping those out mid next week for you all. After that it's on to the May orders for all you Expo goers out there! I'll be hunting you all down both Saturday and Sunday for photos so keep an eye out for me!
As a final note, I'd just like to remind everyone that pays with paypal to please remember to either enter an address into your account or email me one when you pay! I obviously can't send it out without one and it does delay shipping if I then have to email you and wait for a reply so please remember guys!

23/02/09 -
Only a month until Minami now (and I've still not started work on my costumes!) and hopefully I'll be getting all current orders done and shipped out by then. I've got quite a few new wigs up in the gallery including my first Axel and will soon have a Yuugi wig up there too. I've also changed my prices a little as I've been finding a lot of the shorter wigs have ended up more difficult that what I first priced them at, so they'll now be starting at $20 instead of $10 unless they're extrememly simple. Hopefully all of you will understand, I need to be working at at least minimum wage for the time I put into these wigs or I'd have to stop. Other prices are remaining the same and all wigs are still priced on difficulty.
Just a heads up for people that I'm using cosworx wigs for; customs have started to crack down on prices of incoming parcels. This means that unfortunately some are being hit with VAT charges, annoyingly this check is completely random so there's no way to tell what if any wigs are going to get checked.
Finally we're getting to the end of the coursework season which means more time to do wigs! I'm now looking to take as many commissions as I can handle as we've finally set a date for the wedding and need to build up our funds. We're getting married on the 17th of October (the weekend before October Expo/Fuyu) so along with making our big costumes over the summer I'll now be sorting out all the wedding plans too which includes doing lots of wigs to fund it.

30/01/09 -
So it's now almost the end of the month and I'm getting ready to close orders for April. I'm still waiting on wigs for a lot of people so please excuse the wait, Chinese New Year has stopped a lot of sellers from shipping anything out. Next month I'll be starting to take final orders for May and that means Expo too. I'll still be open to rush orders but can't ensure they'll be ready. I've updated the Commissions page a little with recommended ordering times at the bottom. These are the cut off months for ensuring orders will arrive on time so please order before the month stated in the table.
If everything goes to plan I'm looking at being very busy this summer and may have to cut back on orders. Costume plans have gotten rather crazy, we're looking at making Kronen and The Angel of Death from Hellboy for October Expo. On top of that we might be moving again, this time into our own house. If we can get it, it's going to be half of what we're currently paying and is fully paid off so no mortgage!

21/01/09 -
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year! I'm currently working through all the orders I have at the moment and will then be clear. I'm taking final orders for Minamicon 15 this month so if you want a wig and have not completed an order then please check your email as it's likely I've messaged you. I'm still taking a few orders for April up until the end of Feb and still taking orders for May and onwards.
New updates to the wigs include a fantastic Primera wig and Chrono as well as many others. I'll be heading up to Midlands Expo next month and so will be taking rush orders while up there.

18/12/08 -
So close to Christmas! I've finally finished for the holidays and despite masses of holiday assignments, I'm looking forward to a good rest. The Ball was fantastic last month and it was really great to meet Leonie at last who I recently did the Selphie wig for.
As if fairly obvious, orders for January are now out of the question unless you're a UK resident and already have a wig on order. I'm now taking orders for (very!) late Feb and onwards and look forward to starting on all the May Expo orders!
Any orders outstanding that I have a wig for will be sent out before xmas, unfortunately orders that are still waiting for wigs won't be completed until the new year given the current shipping times. Also thanks to the current shipping times I must recomend that people give orders around 3 months for completion from order to delivery as it's just taking so long for things to arrive.
Due to my workload I've now cut down emails to Wednesday and the Weekend unless an order is ready to be shipped, if you don't get a reply right away then chances are I've not seen or read your email yet. That's it for the news, as far as updates go I've got a wonderfully heavy Primera wig up in the Gallery now.

24/11/08 -
I'm now taking orders once more for late December and onwards. Current orders are being worked on and should be all sent out by the end of the month. All wigs for the International Ball will be sent out by next weekend at the latest. If you need a rush order for this event I will be around before the event on Saturday and will be happy to do some styling before we get ready. On to the updates; I've added new photos of the Rayearth costumes though won't have any while being worn until sometime next year. I've also added wig images for Emeraude and Sailor Cosmos and will be adding images for another wig shortly.

31/10/08 -
Happy Halloween everyone! Expo and my birthday (on the same weekend!) has come and gone and it was great seeing everyone. It was amazing to hear from Leonie how many people complimented her wig, it's really great to hear she liked her order although it was a shame I didn't get to see her. I've added a few new costumes, another wig and a new image for Celestine. I'm catching up with orders that've arrived from cosworx this week and I'll be starting to take orders again once they're all sorted.

21/10/08 -
I've finally invested in an overlocker and they're definitely worth the money! I'm just speeding through sewing even on things that generally fray badly like satin. If you want to buy any cosplayer a gift this Xmas, go for an overlocker and they'll love you forever!

05/10/08 -
I've added a few new pages as some were getting a little full of too many different things. Also added is a feedback page and costume gallery.

03/10/08 -
I am no longer taking orders for October. I will be doing rush orders at Expo if a wig is provided and offering treatments while there.

01/09/08 -
I've now moved into our new studio in the centre of town. Got lots more room to do commissions and my own costumes.

24/08/08 -
Website is up and running! I'm now taking orders worldwide!