Upcoming events schedule 

2010 Schedule

At the moment I'm hoping to be attending and what to look out for:

Midlands Expo - Feb - Butterfree, Magikarp & Miltank. (Judge)

JAF - Feb - Butterfree, Magikarp & Miltank.

Kitacon - March - Hotaru & Sanjuro, Liete & Magikarp, Secret Cosplay.

Minamicon 16 - April - Milly & Meryl, Liete, Hotaru & Sanjuro.

London Expo - May - Secret Cosplay, Yuuko & Clow Reed

Amecon - August - The Song & Mugen, The Erase & The Cloud, Yuuko & Clow Reed, Secret Cosplay.

London Expo - October - TBA

If you would like wigs for these events I'm happy to arrange a drop off while up there for as many as I can. Do keep in mind that I will be bringing my own things also so won't be able to bring big orders with me.

As always, I'm happy to arrange styling during the events either in the evening or during the day providing I'm free.