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Customer Feedback
Wig - Ikuto from Shugo Chara
OMG its dimentio-fan:
"The wig was a good quality. The color looked exactly of what the picture had shown and it was around the same length. It arrived in wonderful condition, dispite a few of the details put in it being squished due to the postal. It easily was fixed with a little gel and hairspray. A nice comb through and it was perfectly fine. She has wonderful communication and helps as much as possible."
Wig was flat packed.
Wig - Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII
"Seph was very helpful from the beginning and more than willing to accomodate my picky cosplay needs haha. Not only will she style a wig but help you pick a base wig to work with if you don't have one yourself. She works fast & produces an amazing and detailed result for a price to suit your needs. I've had so many compliments on my Selphie wig already and I haven't even worn it to a convention yet! Will definately remember her for future commissions. Thanks!"
Wig was boxed.
Wig - Primera from Magic Knight RayearthMakino:
This was my first time commissioning someone through, so I was a bit nervous. Since this wig was to be very long and detailed (I even had the gold pieces put into it) I was sure this would cost me a lot. Liz's price was very reasonable and throughout these months I have been getting updates and pictures sent to let me know the progress. This so far has been one of my best commissioning experience so far. In the end, I got a beautiful wig that looks identical to Primera's hair and has the hair thickness that CLAMP is known for. I will definitely be commissioning Liz in the future and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing cosplay wig. "
Wig was boxed.
Wig - Roxas from Kingdom Hearts
"This wig survived a backpack trip to and from london, and being chucked in the back of the car when I moved house, and it'll be chucked in another car for another move - so far the style hasn't budged a centimetre. You could kill people on these spikes XD"

Wig - Tohru from Fruits BasketSarah:
"It's perfect and so very lovely! It was a bit squished, but i fluffed it out a bit. Thank you SOOO much!!!"
Wig was flat packed.
Wigs - Karin from Naruto and MeiLing Li from Card Captor Sakura
"She updated me when she could and worked as fast as possible. Good pricing and Good quality of wigs. Definitely going to commission her again ^^"
Wig was boxed.
Wig - Leon from Kingdom Hearts
"Seph has to be one of the best business people I have met. I commisioned her via the MCM Expo forum, and right from the off she was very helpful. This was in fact my first wig, and I had no clue what was good or bad in terms of wigs, but once supplied with reference images, I was told the cost for a reasonably priced wig, and the styling. Seph replied to my constant annoyances about my wig with either amusement or courtesy, and it was as if I was chatting to a friend rather than a Business Lady. I have shown people my wig, and they have commented on how good it is, and just the mention of who was making my wig had people making good comments."