BJD Gallery

Doll costumes and accessories

This is everything up to now including both commissions and things for myself.  Newest works are at the top.

Please note: These costumes are not for sale and will only be remade under set conditions. 

Kuja - Final Fantasy IX - Full costume. Made for Amecon 2007. Wig was hand dyed with ink. The top consisted of three layers; a waistcoat with three layers of gold pvc trim, a half jacket for the left hand side and a full jacket with plate armour made from fimo all individually glued on. All parts of the top was gold trimmed with ribbon. The bottom was covered at the back with fimo and circles of fimo at the front. The white skirt at the back was trimmed in the same gold ribbon. The sleeves under the white sleeves and boots were made from purple pvc with gold pvc trim on the sleeves and fimo buckles on the boots.

Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII - Full costume. Made for Amecon 2007 and won first place at Bristol Tokyopop Recon 2007. The cape and headband were made from left over red cotton, belts and gun holster were made from black cotton. The right hand glove was made from a sock with velcro in the palm. The left hand glove used a black base made from a sock again with covered and painted aluminium for the gold arm. Fimo was used for the claws all glued on to the base glove. The crosses on the cape were fimo all individually made then glued on with bra straps used for the belts of the cape. The gun was made from covered and painted aluminium with velcro on the handle to attach to the right palm. Wig styled by myself.

Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII - Full costume. Made for Amecon 2007. The sword, shoulder armour and belt were all made from Fimo. The coat was bought and then fully modded. Belts were used for the front cross and covered and painted aluminium for the cuffs. Wig was styled by myself.

Velvet suit - Original Design - Shirt, pants, cape. Made while doing an anime all-nighter with Escaflowne from a shirt that sadly no longer fitted me. Lace was used for the sleeves and lower half of the legs. The shirt was a tie-up with a small ribbon, a zip was used for the pants. The cape fastened with a popper and the red symbol was from one of the lace sleeves.

Catboy - Original Design - Shorts, boots, arms, tail. Made from some spare fur I had hanging around. The tops of the boots, shorts and arms were elasticated to ensure a snug fit for any model. The tail had a chain running through to make it extra wiggly.

Butterfly PJs - Original Design. Made to match with a pair for myself but unfortunately ran out of time so I never made my own. Pretty simple pattern; a collar-less shirt with poppers and fake buttons, the pants were side fastening with poppers.
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