About Me

Over three years of exprience in wig styling, costume construction and more!

I'm Liz though please call me Seph. ^^ 

I'm a third year uni student studying Psychology at UWE in Bristol,  and I'm huge fan of cosplay. (As you might have guessed!) I live with my huband Jack, two cats and two rats in the South of England.

I started cosplaying almost four years ago though attended my first big event and entered my first cosplay comp in May 2007 at the Bristol Comic Expo. I originally bought my first costumes, but after seeing how much detail they lacked and the fabric that was used, decided I'd give making them a shot and see if I could do any better.  After my very first commission and hand made costume (Gogeta) won second place at the first JapanEx in London 2007, I realised my sewing couldn't be that bad and so have been making costumes ever since, debuting my first full set of costumes at Amecon 2008. (Above is one of my favourite costumes I've made so far; Belldandy with my husband as Celestine.)

From the very first wig I styled I knew this was something I wanted to do. I find styling wigs fantastically fun and love trying out more challenging styles. I've been styling wigs for alomst four years now starting with Aerith (FFVII:AC), Lulu (FFX) and as a commission; L (Death Note).  

I'm a very competitive person and enjoy taking part in cosplay competitions. To date I have won two competitions (2nd Place Japanex 07, Ayacon 09) and hopefully more to come! I hope you'll cheer for me this year at any events we go to!

Contact me!

Email: sephnoir@googlemail.com


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