Biography of Sephiroth

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Sepiroth is technically a fictional character, who made his debut in the Final Fantasy 7 video game on the PlayStation 2 platform. He is a popular recurring villian in many other Square games, such as Kingdom Hearts, and makes cameo appearances many other places.

He was designed originally by Tetsuya Nomura. He is a tall man with long, flowing silver hair, an extraordinarily long 'katana', and a black trenchcoat decorated with metallic pauldrons (shoulder armor). Sephiroth is regularly considered one of the world's most popular and well-liked villians as illustrated by many polls throughout the internet.

Sephiroth was born about 30 or so years before the start of the adventure in FF7, to Professor Hojo, and Shinra researcher Lucrecia. At the time of his birth, the two were working on the Jenova Project, (Jenova, a world-devouring alien species was thought to be a magical "Cetra") and their unborn child was injected with the cells of Jenova, in an attempt to create a SOLDIER with the ancient power of the Cetra.