May 2011 - Sepehr Music releases the 4 song album "The Early Years" !!

Dear Friends, a few months ago I found a reel to reel tape I had recorded in the 80's before the Shahin & Sepehr days, of some songs I had written and performed,

Three of them in Persian and One was in English, two of them with poems by Forough Farrokhzad ("Buseh" &" Asir") and one of them with lyrics written by a friend about how much I missed Iran called "Anja" (it was right after the revolution). 

 The last song on the tape was a song called "Exiles in the Country" which I wrote and sung in English about all the people that are exiles here in this country from their own countries, for whatever reason.   

I had the reel to reel digitized in a studio and re-worked the songs and finally have released them as a package of 4 songs on an album I entitled "The Early Years" (they are of course available as single songs too).  

It has just been released on iTunes and Amazon mp3, Napster, and Other on-line stores like Rhapsody, etc..  

If you like the songs, please share with friends.   Thanks for your

support and Happy listening!    ---Sepehr