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Sepehr Music is an indie record label and music publishing company, founded by higher octave/emi recording artist, sepehr, which is also one of the founders and a member of the "shahin & Sepehr" band. 

The Billboard chart-topping music of shahin & sepehr has been featured on a variety of cds and music compilations worldwide, and has been used in many t.V. productions and film soundtracks in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. 

Sepehr's musical credits include songwriting, producing, string & Horn arrangements, and orchestration.  Sepehr's solo efforts on the Sepehr Music Label include the recent release of "The Early Years", the 2010 release "Sepehr Music Compilation", and the 2008 "Summer in Beijing" in celebration of the Summer Olympics held in China..  In addition, Sepehr Music has also released several highly 
acclaimed singles..