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Some members are dual certified and can function in different roles, depending on the mission


January 31, 2019

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Here you will find some assistance in putting together your deployment kit or GO BAG.

This basic kit and includes a checklist of the minimum gear you will need for a deployment.  As always, take from the knowledge of your teammates and leadership. Never hesitate to ask questions. As well, share your knowledge. This list is dynamic and always improving and your feedback is welcomed.  Please CLICK HERE for more information. 

24/48 Hour Deployment  - GO BAG - Standard

1 BDU Type Pants

1 Team Orange Shirt
1 Hat (Boonie type or Ball Cap)
Boots and socks (No Open Toe Shoes)
Rain Jacket and Pants
Work gloves
Eye Protection/safety glasses
Hearing protection: (soft ear plugs used for sleeping)
Headlamp/Flashlight with batteries
Personal Stethoscope (Medical) 
Notepad w/ pen
Large Trash Bag: (use as a bag cover, emergency rain gear or bivy) 
Lightsticks, 3
Snacks (Trail mix or Granola Bars)

Zip Type Bag with the following:
Personal Medications: Prescription and Non-Prescription
Extra Contact lenses/glasses, Sun block, Chapstick, Hand Sanitizer,
Band-Aids, Matches or Lighter, Water Purification Tabs, Sunglasses,
Sleep Mask / Bandana, Reading material, Playing cards/travel games
Cell phone charger

Toiletries: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razor w/ blades, Shave cream, Soap
Shampoo, Deodorant, Roll of Toilet Paper, Feminine Hygiene

On Your Person at all times:
Team I.D.
Driver’s License
Money/Credit cards
Critical Medications / Allergy Information-bracelet or allergy dog tag
Pocket size notebook / log book
Pen / Sharpie / Waterproof marker
Cell Phone

3-5 Day Deployment - Standard GO BAG - plus additional items

2/3 BDU type pants
2/3 Team Shirts (SEPA orange team shirts)
Underwear – 2/5 pairs
Socks – 2/5 pairs
Civilian Clothing: 1/2 sets (pants, shirt, and socks)


Make a photocopy of all important documents and cards: Lay the contents of your wallet on a photocopier and copy front and back. Leave a copy at your home in a secure place. Leave a copy with someone you trust who you can contact if your wallet is lost or stolen