The aftermath of a disaster often imposes heavy demands on health systems to maintain
day- to-day health care services and provide emergency treatment and care for disaster victims

SEPA SMART RESPONDS to community needs caused by natural or man-made disasters by augmenting existing health care staff and/or deploying a temporary hospital unit. 

SEPA SMART DEPLOYS to increase the surge capacity of a hospital facility; a community based alternate care site or a disaster site.

SEPA SMART ACTIVATES in Southeastern Pennsylvania at the request of a county office of Emergency Management. For events outside of the SEPA Region, activation is through the PADOH or PEMA.

SEPA SMART PREPARES and PRACTICES Team members participate in regularly scheduled training programs and exercises to establish and maintain critical operational, clinical, and team skills.

These sessions assure team member competency to support a wide range of possible missions from triage to treatment critical care.