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"Google only likes you when everybody else enjoys you first" Asim Rankmeup

For years, internet marketers and webmasters have known that one of the best ways to get traffic to their websites was through effective search engine optimization. In the beginning, all one had to do was apply some simple tips to their sites and watch the visitors come rolling in. For those selling products/services or depending on ad money, this was a pretty lucrative time.

Then the rules changed. Google, in particular, decided to make changes in the way it selected websites to promote in the search engine. Over time, these rules have gotten so intense that what worked six months ago no longer work today. In fact, those same techniques may penalize you!

So how does one achieve good SEO in today’s internet age? At below we’ve put together some of the most solid tips you’ll find for navigating these marketing waters.

1. Mind Your Keywords

Keywords are more important than ever. But what’s more important than those words? Making sure you don’t overdo them. Once upon a time, stuffing was big because it ensured high rankings for those keywords in the search algorithms. Then Google decided that it was creating a poor customer experience and asked for webmasters to mind their words.

Today, you need to pick the best keywords possible for your content. That’s the easy part. The hard part is knowing the exact density you want to go for. It’s usually recommended to go no higher than 2% keyword density. Not only that, but you have to make sure you don’t accidentally use too many other strings that could be misconstrued as stuffing. It’s a tenuous balancing act that requires excellent writing and a good editing eye.

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2. Check Your Bounce Rate

Creating a good visitor’s experience for your website is a must. Search engines are measuring your “bounce rate” and factoring that into your rankings. If a visitor came to your website and immediately hits the back button, that’s going to count against you a little. If many visitors are doing that, it will hurt your rankings.

If you find that you have a high bounce rate, it’s a must that you find out why they are. Do you have poor content on your site? Is the layout garish and difficult to navigate? Do you have videos and music that auto play the moment they load? Even those pop-ups you use to recruit people to your mailing list may be working against you. Look at your website from a stranger’s point of view and don’t be afraid to make necessary changes.

Effective search engine optimization is still possible, but it requires due diligence and a good eye for website layouts and content. However, anyone wanting to get visitors to their website in this day and age has to know how to make SEO Training In Amritsar And Work. Always stay abreast on the latest information and don’t count on what worked six months ago still working for you today. Good luck!

Search Engine Optimization Training in Amritsar - 95926 64555

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4 Basic Principles Of Internet Marketing To Generate Web Income

Are you new to Internet marketing? Have you been around for a while? Whichever category you belong to, you could use these four basic principles mentioned here to help you generate income from the web.

At the outset, you should develop a practical sense of making money online. You should know that you couldn’t generate income online overnight. It takes the time to start an online business, develop it and see positive results. Just like any other business, you need to have the determination to pursue your efforts until all your efforts pay off.


What Are The Four Basic Principles?

Maintain a practical approach -Many people open up a website and start looking for instant profits. That is not how it works. You do not advertise in different places on the net, join those million free traffic exchange programs, sit back and wait for profits to pour in through the roof! It is not that easy. To start with, you have to work hard to design a great website and promote your online home business on a daily basis. You have to increase your web presence step by step through various means such as word of mouth, advertisements, blogs, forums, etc. Only after you start generating a regular traffic to your site, you could start to see results.


Prepare Your Site For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is not enough if you just design a website. You have to make your site appear in top searches for related keywords. This is done through SEO, and it is free. You could do SEO by yourself or hire experts to search engine optimize your website for you for a fee.


Encourage traffic to your site

To build your traffic or your opt-in list, it is advisable to offer free offline tools, free newsletter or e-books, etc. 

Make regular forum postings

Create your Blog, sign up at different forum boards and submit your site to Web directories. Pages of your Blog could start being indexed by search engines, and your posting may show up in free listings of search engines when people search for matching keywords. Adding quality content to your blog regularly could generate targeted traffic to your site continuously. Placing your domain URL in your signature on these postings would promote your business greatly. By submitting your website to web directories, you could help build backlinks to your website.

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Publish free articles

You could publish articles free of cost. Write articles and publish them regularly by submitting to various article directories. This helps to build your backlinks and generate more traffic to your site. Make it a practice to add your resource box to your articles, where you would introduce yourself to your audience and most importantly include your domain URL of your website. Good quality content would attract a lot more traffic to your site.

If you practice the above principles, diligently and consistently, your online business would flourish soon and start generating online income for you.

SEO AMRITSAR - 95926 64555

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Search Engine Optimization Training in Amritsar - 95926 64555