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What Is An SEO Company?

In 2015 if you need to be found – you need to be found online. This means pretty much that you need to be found in Google. For your website to be able to do this for you, you need to rank in the search engine and for this you need an SEO expert.

"What is an SEO company?"

Whether you have an established online presence or are completely new to the workings of digital business, you won't necessarily know what SEO is, let alone what an SEO company actually does. The problem is that even if you know somebody in the business, you probably still won't grasp exactly what goes into the daily workings of the role!

Simply telling someone that an SEO firm helps businesses of any size to rank highly in search engines doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the inner workings of the job. You may well be asking: "How do I do that?"

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"So... How do you do that?"

 And this is where it gets complicated. SEO primarily comprises of three components - creating good quality content for your website, attracting links from third party websites and analyzing the 

results. A lot of the time those that are asking these questions are not actually running businesses online and don't have a firm grasp on the concept of any of these components, and the people that are/do are only partially understand what these involve. That makes the job of the SEO specialist much harder to explain than going through the motions of the daily goings-on in an import/export company.

Well, if you aren't in need of assistance for your company and you feel the need to ask the SEO guy at the party what he does, just smile politely and change the conversation before you learn a lot of technical terms and boring stats about something that you'll never need. We all wasted years at school for that. If you are looking to hire an SEO business to help your company to bring in more money however, this is what you really need to know!

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Starting from the Beginning

SEO always starts with three key motions, initial research, the auditing of said research, and the analysis of it. This is because each client is an individual, and as such will have individual needs when it comes to ranking in search engines. An SEO firm simply cannot predict the success of a website, or give guarantees on how well a particular site will rank, without the necessary in-depth information. Even then it's not always a sure-fire bet.

In general, better SEO companies won't claim to have a magic formula to get your website to the top spot, on the first page of Google's search function. The ones who really know their stuff will work hard to give you a better informed projection of how well you may do with the right SEO methods in place. 

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You can expect SEO teams to perform extensive, niche-specific keyword research, where they will aim to identify the right keywords for your audience. The bottom line is that they will need these keywords to do their job to the best of their ability, so they have to get it right. Ideal keywords are ones that are searched for the most in your niche, especially the ones that are relevant and not overly targeted by your competitors.

Then comes the analysis of analytics. An SEO firm will review past performances through Google Analytics or other web analytics tools that may reveal both positive and negative trends for your website. From these findings, a specialist will be able to decipher opportunities for improvement. Google Webmaster Tools offers another avenue of analysis, too. This will give your SEO specialist the opportunity to review your history and current status, and this may bring further opportunities to the foreground, as well as potential technical issues with your current website. Factors such as penalties can negatively affecting rankings, and this needs to be dealt with early on.

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From here, link profile analysis is next. As many companies looking to rank more highly in Google turned to SEO specialists over the past several years, there were many SEO firms that promised to provide hundreds and thousands of inbound links - all at low, low prices. But simply having a multitude of links is actually a danger to your website.

Google caught on to the less-than-conventional ways to get links and penalized websites for trying to rank 'unfairly'. Now, many businesses are in need of some extensive link clean-up detail. Spammy links need to be spotted and removed as soon as possible to ensure the safety and continued success of every website. This then leads to a site audit, which needs to occur to ensure maximum productivity.

Site audits need to include various SEO factors - such as site and page loading speeds, URL structures, internal links, meta descriptions, content and more. The best SEO firms will extend these audits to include factors that influence the metrics of your website, too.

Taking the Next Step

As a result of all of the above, initial optimization can begin for both one-off SEO practices and ongoing activities. These initial activities may include website redesign, code overhaul and link removal.

Link building is the next step in SEO practices, and this is one of the most important ongoing tasks there is for an SEO firm. Google likes to see a renewing stream of quality links, because that tells them that your website is still relevant. Link monitoring, competitor research, brand monitoring and outreach all need to be implemented on a regular basis.

Some Sydney SEO businesses are now branching out into providing content, as each new Google algorithm works to tighten security on what makes your website legitimate. Nothing tells the tale of your website than content, so keeping a steady flow of relevant content is one of the best ways to stay on top of the competition. A specific use of keywords and good quality information will serve to improve rankings, whereas copied or poorly written content will work to sully your reputation. Google will penalize websites that are not updated with fresh content on a regular basis, but it will allow for a site that gets a lot of traffic. Those that have less-than-desirable content will fall out of favour very quickly.