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Fake Negative Complaint

Over the past 20 years, SEO has been a thriving industry. The competition is just too tight. So tight, you can't avoid someone bringing you down, especially when you're at the top. Around the 2nd quarter this 2013, Bliss Drive and many other SEO companies within Los Angeles received fake negative reviews on the SAME DAY. It's funny how unprofessionalbottom SEO companies do this to gain popularity and rankings. It's just desperate and pathetic. What happened to professionalism or work ethics these days?


Reviews about Bliss Drive on RipOff Report

Notice that on image above there were just too many LA-based SEOs that received fake negative reviews in just ONE DAY. Was it just a coincidence?  Why just the 5? Why not 4, 6 or 10 companies? It's always the magic 5. Notice also the pattern of words used in these reviews. Even if the complainant used different names, it doesn't seem to be a coincidence that you use the same words, with different twists of the plot to bash on 5 different LA-based companies on the same date.  


SEODirect's rebuttal also makes a lot of sense, Google "to redo my website to increase site traffic and theoretically, my revenue. I opted to go for the professional package which was a ridiculously high price," and it shows another Ripoff Report for another Los Angeles SEO. 



Another SEO sends in rebuttal on their review, but no response from the scamming complainant. 


It can be definitely concluded that this is just another inaccurate claim to sabotage SEO companies and gain clients.


Finding Honest, No Scam SEO Reviews 

Bliss Drive a Los Angeles SEO company has been in the business since 2007 with a very good reputation on effective and holistic Internet Marketing methods. Bliss Drive banks on good client relationships and as much as possible end customer relations without burning bridges. If you really want to look up REAL reviews on SEO companies, try to look at strict review sites like Yelp or LinkedIn. They make sure reviewers are real people with first-hand experience with companies they deal with. Just look at the feedback given to Bliss Drive on Yelp and LinkedIn.