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SEO Forensics Company

Seoland SEO Forensics Incorporated provides third-party technology and services that web retailers and ecommerce personnel to better identify Pay per Click fraud. The company provides applications that help measure and improve traffic quality. These applications use patent-pending heuristic technology (complex rules) to identify and stop click fraud and other unwanted traffic. Seoland Forensics for Advertisers enables advertisers to eliminate click fraud and stop low quality traffic, reducing wasted ad append and increasing conversions. Products are built on a core technology that uses a community approach to detecting click fraud, with data that is aggregated from thousands of advertisers and publishers across multiple search engines.

South African Digital Agency

As a digital agency, Seoland Marketing offers web retailers diverse pay-per-click advertising services, including planning and implementation of Internet marketing campaigns requiring paid search and pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate program management and link popularity enhancement. Seoland Marketing charges campaign management fees that are tied to performance, mainly as a percentage PPC-generated profit, or the value of new leads. The company’s PPC programs include building campaign structures, writing, testing and refining paid search ads, keyword management, testing and editing landing page content and campaign analysis.

Seoland Commerce

Seoland Commerce is a paid search engine marketing company that manages campaigns for web retailing clients. Seoland-Equations, the firm’s proprietary paid search automation platform, optimize pay-per-click campaigns based on its client’s revenue and profit and goals. Unlike other search tools which simply optimize a customer bids Seoland-Equations uses multivariate testing to optimize every variable in the search process including keywords, campaign and ad-group organization, text-ad creative, bids and the target landing pages. In additional Seoland-Equations, which are also available for in-house marketers, monitors to improve clients paid search campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Ad-center.


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