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"womens sundresses on sale"

Site change-1/10/2012
These search results for are no longer showing up on Google but you can see they were...
until the company decision to focus only on sunglasses and close the dress lines, and to redirect the bubamoda site to and as of Jan 10, 2012.

SEO PAGE 1 results!

Google Page 1 = SALES... period.

This site is about showing you "real world"
Google page ONE!!! results, aol, and yahoo, bing, etc... results I have achieved.
Examples of my website designs and SERP optimization PROOF on PAGE 1 -
Google, yahoo and more search engine page 1 ranking.


 You NEED a web designer who KNOWS how to optimize... period.

No shortcuts...
constant web site page updates, website maintenance, correct keyword content on your web site, with MANDATORY quality link building structures.

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"Wholesale sundresses suppliers"
#1 in the world on Bing

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"Casual summer dresses wholesale"
Here are some s
amples of my SERP results with very high ranking... I created with particular sites I built.

Web site optimization, for ranking high in the "free" section for specific keywords is an extremely time consuming task.
Web site design, web site optimization, search engine ranking by Robyn Fear.
Page 1 rank results... high yield SEO results, quality link building structures.
There is NO guaranty
especially considering how complicated the web has become and the continuously changing, and "secret" algorithms Google uses to index web sites...

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type in the same words on a google search and see for yourself,

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Small samples - Results as seen on Google search:

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Florida wedding musicians - on Google
(13,400,000 link results) ... PAGE 1 #2  ...
Additionally another site I built is also on PAGE 1 - Florida wedding musicians

Florida wedding music
- on Google (70,900,000 results) .... on page 1 #7

Florida party bands - on Google (4,670,000) page 1 #7 ...

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