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Hi, I've created this page to test a few different strategies on how to rank a site & to show that it's not
that hard to beat other SEOs in Marbella in ranking a website for specific keywords.

Unfortunately, I am not taking on anymore clients, unlucky.

HOWEVER, if you've got some basic knowledge on SEO and you're interested in doing it yourself,
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Top 5 Rankings All Day - Can't Stop, Won't Stop

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- The bullshit article begins below (Beating my competitors with ease. It's like boxing with 1 hand behind my back!) -


What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is more simple than most online marketers make it seem. We swear and can assure you that.

And this pressure motivated folks to do some actual unethical advertising — purchasing arbitrage, keyword stuffing, link farms, links, and who knows what else.

Virtually overnight, “thin” or “shady websites that were ” folded.

Your web site is being always monitored by search engines for user experience clues that are key. Just as much as advertising, your web site, products, and services must support a powerful user experience, you should make sure your strengths translate that search engines can totally comprehend.

Your Search Engine Optimization will suffer if you’re not focused on constructing a truly excellent merchandise. So here we're in age and a day where Bing and Google have set absolute power in the hands of consumers.  is dominated by user experience.  Powerful promotion and Search Engine Optimization go together. While quality and relevancy won strategies and Tricks lost.


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of promoting and enhancing a web site to be able to raise the amount of visitors the site receives from search engines. You'll find many facets to optimizations, from your words on your own page to the manner other websites link to you personally on the internet. Occasionally Search Engine Optimization is just a matter of making sure your website is structured in ways that search engines comprehend. MOZ, via The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

It may seem counterintuitive, but more than examining search engine technology is meant by focusing on Search Engine Optimization.

Only consider it.

Search engines can’t manage to show results that are cruddy. They've been always trying to find algorithmic signals which are indicative of a powerful user experience.

Search engines were created to link people who have tips that was useful — promptly, when they are interested. Relevancy and quality are critical here, and Google’s aim will be to ensure the greatest sites that are potential are. It we keep going back to platforms like Bing and Google — because they are trusted by us.

You can’t falsify it. To be rather frank, search engines are receiving smarter and smarter. Be authentic. Spending money to fool an internet search engine (purchasing links, keyword stuffing, link wheels, etc) will only be a waste. Concentrate on assembling an excellent user experience.

Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization is the number 1 measure of any Search Engine Optimization strategy would be to comprehend what to not do. Google doesn’t enjoy these practices, and they’ll ding you. Forever. In nearly all cases, there's absolutely no bouncing back.

Once strike with a punishment, here’s what occurs:

A sudden fall in traffic
A quick decline in sales
A have to reconstruct your Search Engine Optimization system from your ground upward
I know of a particular firm that has been hit with a Panda/Penguin Punishment because of lots of inbound links that are low quality.

Anything you do, steer clear of the following at all costs:

Guarantees for a guaranteed variety of links
Relying on using article spinning, web directory entries, social bookmarking, and client posting via content farms
Assures that you’ll rank at a specific amount within a specific timeframe
Ensuring traffic
Development of social media that is bogus accounts
Pricing month per less than $1,000
Describing that the links will be deleted if the relationship is terminated by you
Mentioning a particular variety of key words that you are able to target
It likely is, in case it seems too good to be true.

For your articles, let’s say that you’ve inadvertently hired a >SEO Content Writing firm. You’ll be good. What's promising is as you are able to still regain. Here are Chris Kilbourn important suggestions:
Begin building up great high quality content in your web site via your primary web site pages and a web log — remove other junk strategies or any keyword stuffing.

Come up with a suitable and/or content marketing public relations campaign that'll assist you to EARN high quality inbound links. After you’ve taken corrective measures just submit your reconsideration request. Google does not have any trouble clicking if they believe your attempts have ‘no’.

You submit your reconsideration request a resource providing you with in-depth reports, via Google Webmaster Tools. Your request must actually stand out. Make sure to supply supporting evidence for you’ve changed or upgraded your web site.

Search Engine Optimization IS KEY WORD DRIVEN

We figured that this is already known by you, but is an excellent time as any to augment the next mission-essential detail:
Search Engine Optimization is based completely on key words.
Consider it from an user experience point of view. The value of search engines is they enable us to locate advice predicated on sentences, short phrases, or words.
The team in charge of Search Engine Optimization at Google is a group created more than 5 years past to ensure perfect user experience, the search quality team. The aim of the team is ensure that vital signs of quality sites align with what.

These comprise of but not limited to:
Powerful user experience (brief page load times, sitemaps, initial content)
Powerful linking strategy (, longevity, website age)


Google incorporates an algorithmic and manual method of reviewing webpages. This twofold strategy is devised to ensure that quality always prevails. It’s an understatement to say the procedure for indexing the internet is challenging. It’s not possible to do. But at the day's end machines are machines. They’re not equipped to manage scenarios that are ambiguous.

Let’s say your site begins making thousands and thousands of pages. From your eyes of an algorithm, this seems completely funny — though you’re making junk pages that are thin for the benefit of having more content. Not trendy. But what will happen if there’s a motive that is completely valid? Say that you’re an ecommerce mastermind, for example, and you’ve needed to tear down and relaunch your product pages all on a fresh web site.

This really is a scenario where Google’s guide reviews would must jump in.
Don’t worry about pursuing the algorithm. Concentrate on appeasing people, and you are going to come out on top.

Here’s why:

ASSESSMENT PROCESSES ARE CONSTANTLY IMPROVING the algorithm that is Google; is constantly evolutionized.

Why it’s utterly useless to make an effort to reverse engineer it that’s:
Google mathematicians and has teams of infinitely excellent engineers
These algorithms are constantly changing and enhancing
You’ll only be wasting your time if you give your life to reverse engineering Google’s algorithm.

You should concentrate on the following:
Give attention to big-picture topics that affect Search Engine Optimization.

Here are the core elements of optimization... 

Alright, I can't be bothered to write any more jibberish, so this will be the end of me showing ranking proof.

If you have come this far in the article, thanks for reading and go ahead and follow my free guide that
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Soon, you too can be a Search Engine Optimization expert. 

Ranking your own site(s) & banking in no time!