Kyoungwon Seo 


  1. De Finetti meets Ellsberg, Research in Economics, 2014, with Larry Epstein
  2. Symmetry or Dynamic Consistency?, B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Advances), 2011, with Larry Epstein
  3. Symmetry of Evidence without Evidence of Symmetry, Theoretical Economics, 2010, with Larry Epstein
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  6. Bundling, Information Aggregation and Entry Deterrence, Economics Letters, 2008, with Jongchool Park
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 Working papers

  1. Bayesian inference and non-Bayesian prediction and choice: foundations and an application to entry games with multiple equilibria, with Larry Epstein, revised June 2013
  2. A Central Limit Theorem for Belief Functions, with Larry Epstein
  3. Perceived Ambiguity and Relevant Measures, with Peter Klibanoff and Sujoy Mukerji, revised December 2013
  4. Relating preference symmetry axioms, with Peter Klibanoff and Sujoy Mukerji
  5. A computationally efficient estimator for aggregate random coefficients logit demand models, with Jinhyuk Lee
  6. Nested Fixed-Point Algorithm Revisited, with Jinhyuk Leerevised March 2014

Graduate School of Finance
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
email : kseo at