Our class has been in existence since 1996 under the name Trinidad & Tobago Capoeira All Stars, upon gaining international recognition we became affiliated with Centro Cultural Senzala De Capoeira in December 2003.  After graduating abroad, permission was granted to operate as a branch of the Senzala Capoeira Academy.  As a result of being affiliated with the Senzala's  Academy all instructors must undergo a two week training program every six months abroad to maintain the high standards promoted by Centro Cultural Senzala De Capoeira around the world. http://www.capoeiracaracas.com  http://www.princeton.edu/~capoeira/

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian fight dance.  It is a form of martial arts that is combined with music and is the only surviving form of martial art native to the New World.  Capoeira is more than just another form of martial arts; it is also an art of expression, play and personal interaction.


There are two types of Capoeira, the first, Capoeira Angola, draws on a rich African heritage and is played to a slow tempo that dictates dance-like interaction between players.  The second, Capoeira Regional, is played to a fast rhythm which often provokes flamboyant acrobatic movements.


At Centro Cultural Senzala (Trinidad), it is our aim to provide quality instruction in the art form of capoeira.  Students are not only taught techniques but also learn to play the music of capoeira and are exposed to the Portuguese and Spanish languages.  They also learn to play instruments such as the atabaque (floor drum), pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine), and the lead instrument, the Berimbau (a bow-like one string guitar). 


Our Class is situated at Tranquility Government Secondary School, #2 Stanmore Ave.Port of Spain Class times are as follows.

Tuesdays & Thursdays Children (5:30pm -7:00pm), Adults (7:00pm - 9:00pm)

Saturdays (10:00am - 12:00pm) both classes.



photo of Mestre Amendoim & Instructor Loco






Back row: Mancha Negra, Boca Rica, Mestre Amendoim, Jamboo, Patinho

Front row: Xando & Loco






 Instructor Loco Au Malandro


 Xando Escopao











Instructor Loco Queda De Reins











For further info. please contact Leon Carmichael (loco) @ 764-8304 / 375-5757 or senzalatt@gmail.com

                                                     Sean St.John (xando) @ 785-6970 / 398-2155 or xando1@tstt.net.tt