Old Versions

GOTSent 0.23 Beta 12

GOTSent 0.23 Beta 11

GOTSent 0.23 Beta 10

GOTSent 0.23 Beta 9


New Features Beta 11

Hard subs in mpeg2 files: Make sure your subtitle files are in UTF8 format, especially if you use special characters.

Overhauled AC3 encoding (could crash on some systems) .

AAC -> AC3 conversion added for Mux to Vob.

Mpeg2 MKV supported.

VC1 MKV to mpeg2 supported (not yet to wmv)

New mpeg2 encoding (smaller size and streaming friendly bitrates)

Mpeg2 splitting (Might cause issues with the split parts. Still under development)

Upgraded UI

Too many small bugfixes

New Features Beta 10

Fast-Forward and Rewind support in m2ts files with h264 and 5.1 AC3 content (select the Mux to Vob option) (other audio is transcoded to AC3) (PS3 only)

Improved MKV header handling.

UI fixes for issues that caused some confusion.

Many bug fixes again.

Fall back audio encoding in case the directshow audio decoding fails.

25 FPS output of MP4 files. This is for people with a dislike for judder, and 720p50 output. (pitch is corrected for the speedup)

Added an alert version which gives alerts after every step to try to pinpoint any issues with the program.

5.1 Audio in mpeg2 files, on both the PS3 as on the 360. (Ditlew, thank you for the hours spent on this.. and I hope there are some clips you will never have to see again :) )

New Features Beta 9

Detection of playable h264 files on the PS3/360, by courtesy of DItlew. Thank you for the hard work!

Mpeg2 encoding of files, set by default on files that otherwise won't play on the PS3/360.

Fallback audio encoding/better error handling.

Aspect ratio set correctly on files where pixel and display resolution vary.

Command line usage: Gotsent23beta9.exe [filename/folder name] encodes the file/all files in the folder and stores them in the GOTSent 'Outout to' folder. (GOTSent needs to be ran once normally before using this)

Many Many Many bugs fixed.

Thank you all for your feedback.

More is on the way. Subs embedding is disabled for now because of the huge diversity in sub types used. New work is being done on better sub detection and embedding in mpeg2 encodes, checks for PS3 or 360 preferred output to be able to use 6 channel AC3 audio in mpeg2 files on the PS3, as well as higher mpeg2 bit rates, and provisional work is being done on 25 fps fixes for smooth 720p/50 playback of 24 fps sources.

New features beta 8:

PS3 specific: merge to mpeg program stream with 5.1 digital output (dolby digital) (select the Mux to vob option). This only works on PS3, and there are issues with ffwd. and rew. but at least you can get full surround sound like this, even when you don't have an AAC decoding receiver/amplifier (Dolby Digital support is needed). This option uses a modified h264info licensed under the MPL. source code is available at request.

Correctly handle H264 avi's embedded in a MKV. Some releases would crash when extracting these streams.

beta 6:

Split with MKVmerge. This is a lot faster and solves the isse on the 360 where split files would not function correctly.

Added fixed bitrate (224 kbps, this was first 300, but that was complete overkill) for AAC encoding with Nero, making it possible for PS3 users to select 5.1 AAC encoding, by selecting the 5.1 output in AC3filter, without ending up with 1Mb audio bitrates. (supported since PS3 firmware 2.0).NOTE THAT THE OUTPUT IS STILL IN 2.0 PCM FORMAT WHEN YOU CAN"T OUTPUT AAC STREAMS TO YOUR AMPLIFIER, BUT 5.1 AAC IS SUPPORTED ON THE PS3. (selectable in the PS3 audio options menu).

Small bugfixes, and detection of VFW embedded streams (who-ever thought it would be a good idea to embed an AVI in a MKV..) . (it is being worked on to convert this format back to araw H264 stream again)

0.22 Is released.

This is a small bug-fix release, but it also includes and automatically registers the WavDest filter, needed to save the converted audio file. If this file was not available, it crashed GOTSent. For existing users, if your program is working, there is no real need to upgrade (unless you really don't want the GOTSent.log, movie.wav and movie.aac in your destination location after conversion), but for new users, it makes life a bit easier.

0.20 Is released.

3ivx support however is still disabled, and will be included in coming Beta releases. It could not be made as stable as needed for a point release, and is therefore disabled for now.

There is still no resolution for the 1080p stream problem, but it seems to be related to real 5.1 profile streams, instead of just incorrectly marked 4.1 high profile or 5.1 marked baseline encoded h264 streams. A few instances of 5.1 encoded 720p files have been found, also causing the Ps3 to play with a blacked out screen, but there are not much good tools to do a stream inspection, instead of just reading the header. This is still an ongoing investigation.

Audio quality is raised to 224 kbps max, which seems to be 'more than enough' to prevent any noticeable quality loss due to the re-encode (despite reports that the PS3 doesn't play AAC content over 160 kbps, no such restrictions were seen during testing. If anybody at Sony could publish or mail the exact limitations of the MP4 format on the PS3 regarding bit-rates and resolutions, it would save a lot of time. :) )

If any more directshow filters need to be supported, just drop me a line.

sent comments, bug reports, faults etc to sentry23 (at) gmail dot com.

Setting Audio Options for AC3 en DTS decoding.

Clicking on the audio options opens the AC3filter options box.

Only set a 2 channel 16 bit format (2.0 stereo, Dolby Surround/ProLogic , or Dolby ProLogic II).

Dolby Prologic II encoding can suffer from low volume and high dynamic changes (i.e. soft sounds are very soft, and loud sounds are very loud.) To work around this, setting the Dynamic Range Control in the AC3 filter can be a solution, but it requires some 'fine-tuning' with sample files.

For the easiest results, make sure that in the Mixer tab, the Auto Matrix is enabled. (and tweak as you like to perfect your sound).


Extract the zip, download the latest exe and put it in the GOTSent folder, and you're ready to go.

An analysis of the files is done to set fps, audio format, and streams, but it might be wrong (it sets whatever it comes across in the mkv, so files with multiple streams might be an issue).. This will be improved in the future.

Versions older then 0.10 required Red Kawa PS3 Video 9 to be installed for the conversion tools. New version will later be released in two versions:

a full release which includes all tools (this will be every x.00, and x.x0 release)

a program release, which just includes the gotsent executable (n.nx versions)

if enough requests are received, newer versions might become available in Red Kawa compatible versions, with file path adjustment options.

Older versions:

Download GOTSent 0.22 (the 'Skiny Puppy' Version) here:

GOTSent 0.22.rar

NOTE FOR VISTA USERS: The application tries to register a directshow DLL, which needs admin privileges on the Vista system. Register the DLL by hand, or give the application at least once admin rights to register the DLL.

VISTA 64 does not work with the current directshow filter. A work around is being thought up, but will take a while.

GOTSent 0.22.rar (mirror)

(use WinRar to extract)

(5.8 MB)

Old 0.1 Release (does not require directshow filters)



last update for the 0.1 tree


(56 kB)

v0.20 the 'Nine Inch Nails' version (20 aug 2007)

GOTSent02.zip + WAVDEST.AX

(Wavdest needs to be installed manually using 'regsvr32 [path]\wavdest.ax' if it is not yet on your system.

(7 MB)

v0.21 the 'Ministry' version (17 aug 2007)

link to old page of beta

V0.19 The 'Das Ich' version (30 july 2007)


New/removed features:

Added auto-split for files over 4GB, in even sized parts (no split button available anymore)

Removed .ts/vob support: files (almost?) never worked on a PS3.

bug fixes: non-critical errors in paths,

v0.11 The 'VNV Nation' version (20-july-2007)


New features:

OGG support

bug fixes: fixed old conf path bug.

v0.10 The 'Diary of Dreams' version (20-july-2007)


New features:

Inclusion of conversion tools.

limited input analysis.

Bugs removed: specific definition of audio merge files was needed in some cases.

v0.08B The 'Diorama' version (19-july-2007)


Bugs removed: fixed conf location bug

v0.07B The 'Neurotic Fish' version (18-july-2007)


Bugs removed: fixed baselines h264 detection

v0.06B The 'Rotersand' version (18-july-2007)


new features:

Path settings are saved (in the file gotsent.conf)

Temporary merge files are deleted after a merge.

Added experimental VOB support. Enabling this merges the source audio and video into a VOB file, which can be larger then 4 GB. This needs more testing to see what works and what not. At the moment, also merging a DTS file to a VOB is supported.

v0.05B The 'Seabound' Version


Bugs removed: split file function caused an error.



Bugs removed: spaces in output folder caused an error.



Added split button (the split button splits the created mp4 in 4 GB parts.), This will be replaced with automatic detection of filesize since the PS3 can not handle mp4's over 4GB (yet).

Backslash check on output folder.


bugs removed: spaces in filenames are allowed now.


gotsent.log created in output directory, to assist in debugging issues. gotsent.log contains the command line executed for the external tools.

Check availability of the tools that are called.