V0.24 B8 (the 'Android Lust' version) 3 April 2011

Time to update soon again.

Easy and Fast h264 .MKV to PS3 , XBOX 360 and iPad compatible MP4 and PS3 compatible M2TS/AC3 conversion. 

recoding to Xvid, mpeg2 and compatible h264 (with hardcoded subtitles or to AVCHD with softsubs) is also supported. A newer feature includes folder batch conversion of AVI files to PS3 compatible format. (scan and only convert incompatible AVI files)

Download GOTSent 0.24 Beta 8 (mediafire)

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About the name 

0.24 Beta 8 is released.

Many fixes in MKV parsing: Compressed header fix for many new releases. (this caused many conversions to fail from the start). Fixes in AVI creation and MPEG creation. Audio sync updates. Better file splitting and updated tools.
Too much to name, although much too late :)

For iPad newbies: just select the Xbox 360 profile, select the MKV and hit convert. The resulting MP4 should play fine

(Or just drag the MKV files over the GOTSent program).


Fixes and news in Beta 7 (the 'Killing Joke' version):

New .NET based audio decoding engine for users who have experienced audio decoding issues.

Many fixes in subtitle handling.

Sound encoding/decoding fixes.

special note for users who use the options 'mux to vob' and split files: 1 in 5 files can exhibit strange behaviour in the parts after the split (odd colours, stripes). It is advised to use the 'fast mux' flag for these files to prevent this issue. Be advised that this option can result in slow rewind/ffwd performance.

Fixes and news in Beta 6

Sounds normalization (sets average audio volume to -12 dB)

Many fixes in bitrate calculation (was off by a factor 10 in some cases) and fits the file better to the designated size (also fixes in DVD5 and DVD9 sizes)

MP4box is back as primary mp4 muxer due to issues with the mp4creator.

Fixes to externally added subtitles (both in recode as for AVCHD)

Improved header handling for some odd mkv files.

Can add external SRT subs to AVI files that need a full video recode for PS3 compatibility.

After a very annoying trojan on the dev system, I lost a lot of time making sure everything was clean, just to be 100% sure nothing unwanted would slip into the release. (much respect to the guys over at Malwarebytes for their great Anti-Malware tool :) )

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 7 (mediafire)

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 6 (mediafire) 

Fixes in Beta 5

Better handling of oddly named files (including filename clean-up of many commonly used tags in mkv files). (this also takes care of bugs where files would showup as gotsent.mp4 with certain media servers.)

Reverted to older mencoder to fix many subtitle issues. 

File checking after mp4 creation, and fallback mp4 creation with a different version of mp4box.  

Many fixes in filesize and bitrate calculations (for Xvid and h264 recoding) to make sure the filesize should work.

Fixed h264 HQ mode. 

Several speed enhancements in MUXtoVOB mode.

Include all subtitles in AVCHD files (but only if they are .srt based. Inbuilt subtitle format conversion is still being worked on)

UI cleanup. 

Better handling of odd AVI formats (DivX3 etc etc) in AVI folder conversion mode.

Fixes in Beta 4

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 4(mediafire)

Fixes longstanding error in MP4 muxing with odd file names (the dreaded 'where is my mp4 file???')

Removed erronous error messages when muxing to mp4 with Nero

AVI folder converision for PS3 (checks and recodes AVI for QPEL/QMC flag)

(some AVI files might still not play, select them as  a single AVI file for a quick audio recode. Some damaged/odd mp3 files, or DTS/OGG audio can cause this error)

AVCHD pessimistic fit to DVD when recoding to h264 (the old version would go over 4.3 GB)

2 pass h264 encoding option

Added 'shutdown after conversion' option  (shuts down the system after a single or a whole folder conversion)

Currently work is being done to convert non-compatible filenames, make sure the Vista compatible directshow audio conversion works, fix an issue with some receivers that have trouble playing the Aften AC3 audio, and generally, release V 0.24 final.

Download latest GOTSent

Download the latest version here (copy it over your GOTSent directory, or just extract and run):

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 5B  (mediafire)

Fix for 0.24 Beta 5B (Mediafire)

older versions:

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 5 (mediafire)

GOTSent 0.24 beta 5 updated exe (this is an updated executable that fixes an issue where creating a split avi causes many small parts to be created.)

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 4(mediafire) 

GOTSent 0.23 final  (softpedia)

GOTSent 0.23 final (mediafire)

Older versions:

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 1 (mediafire)

GOTSent 0.24 Beta 1 (softpedia)

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