- Indice abbreviazioni

Legenda delle principali sigle utilizzate nei documenti

 AAG                                    Allied Army Group

A – 3                                   Staff Officer for Operations and Plans

ACOS                                 Assistant chief of staff

AFHQ                                 Allied Forces Head Quarters

AG                                      Adjutant General

AGD                                   Adjutant General Department

AGS                                    Army Group Section oppure Adjutant General Secretary

APO                                    Allied Army Post Office

AUS                                    Assistant Under Secretary of State

BTA                                    British Troops in Austria

CCS                                   Combined Chiefs of staff

CH                                      Companion of Honour

CMF                                   Central Mediterranean Forces

DJAG                                 Deputy Judge Advocate General

DTO                                    Divisional Tactical Operations

DUS                                   Deputy Under Secretary of State (UK)

FM                                      Field Marshal

FO                                       Foreign Office

FS                                       Foreign Secretary

G - 1                                   Staff Officer for personnel

G – 5                                  Staff Officer for Planning or/and Occupations (Matters)

GHQ                                   General Head Quarter

GOC in C                           General Officer Commanding in Chief

GSC                                   General Service Corps

JA                                       Judge Advocate

JAG                                    Judge Advocate General

LG – Lt                               Lieutenant General

Lt                                         Light

MD                                      Military District

MMIA                                  Military Mission to the Italian Army

MP                                      Member of Parliament

OR                                      Ordinary Routing

Plans & Ops                      Plans and Operations

PS                                       Permanent Secretary

PUS                                    Permanent Under Secretary

RA                                       Royal Army

RO                                      Rank Ordinary

S of S                                 Secretary of State

SAC                                    Supreme Allied Commander

SEE                                    South East Europe

SIB                                      Special Investigation Branch

TAC GHQ                          Tactical General Head Quarter

US of S                              Under Secretary of State

VCIGS                                Vice Chief of the Imperial General Staff

WD                                     Way Direct

WO                                     War Office