iTunes Lyrics Importer

Project dead, Long Live Copyright 

The iTunes lyrics importer is a simple application written in C# to import lyrics for the songs in your iTunes, using the Lyricswiki's web services. 

New release 1.1


  • a few bug fixes
  • update now skips, if the lyrics for a song already exists in itunes.


  • Uninstall any previous version
  • Download the latest version and install


It has two modes, one updating the lyrics automatically and the other is manual update (you can use this if you want to edit the lyrics before you update or if you simply do not trust the application :) ).


 You select the songs for which you want the lyrics and press get lyrics. 

When in manual mode, it will show the album art (if its found in iTunes) and the lyrics from the lyricswiki, you can edit if you want. And when you press update, it will update the song and go to the next selected song. If you do not want to update, press cancel. If you want to quit the importing completely, press cancel all.

 When in auto, it only shows the results of the progress.


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