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  This page and the subsequest recreations of "The Adventurer's Newsletter" is dedicted to Shay Addams and all the various writers who contributed to this great publication.


Special Dedication to my Dear Friend June F.

(A Consumate Adventurer).  

~ Without whose help these recreations would never have been done. ~


Questbusters was published monthly by Addams Expedition, 202 Elgin Ct, Wayne PA 19087.

Editor: Shay Addams

To read more about Shay Addams, here's an article entitled

Whatever Happened to Shay Addams


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There are missing issues from November 1984 to May 1986. I have most of the issues month to month starting with June of 1986 and will begin posting them as time permits. Until then, I hope you enjoy reading what I have posted.

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November 1984- May 1986 (Non-Sequential)


July - December 1986


January - June 1987        July - December 1987


January - June 1988        July - December 1988


January - June 1989        July - December 1989


January - June 1990       July - December 1990


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~Questbusters Map Kit~

Shay Addams also responded to numerous inquiries for some type of simplified mapping device for text adventure games by offering a Mapping Kit which consisted of a grid sheet & a clue sheet. He later improved on it by using a gridded clear plastic sheet so you could use an erasable marker. I have 2 of the original sheets which you can view and print.

Questbusters Clue Sheet       Questbusters Mapping Sheet