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~Vintage Computer Games~

  I love gaming and have built up a large collection of vintage computer games over the years through buying and trading.  

  So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage - hmmm, and maybe something to munch on, and make yourself at home. 

  I hope you enjoy your visit and find this website an interesting adventure of old and not so old computer games for Sale on Ebay, featuring pictures & reviews.

You will find all games* coming up for Auction below.

*Note:  All  games come with an Installation CD for play in Windows 7-10, Vista and XP + an artistically rendered CD Case Insert, which you'll see in the provided pictures.

Read the original "Questbusters - The Adventurer's Newsletter" from the mid-80's through the early 90's below.  

  If you have any comments/questions or find a broken link, please send me an E-Mail.

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Vintage Games on XP

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