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Mystic Love

Supplies Needed

Scrap kit by Designs By Stina called Fly Me To The Moon. You can purchase it here

Mask - gemsmasks-127 you can download here

Tube of choice. I am using the beautiful work by Barbara Jensen. You need a license to use her work. Please go here for more info

Lets get started

Open gemsmasks-127 and minimise for now

Open a new transparent image 600 X 600 pixels.

Open DBS_Paper07 C&P into your image.

Layers - new mask layer - from image

Select gemsmasks-127 from the drop down menu

Click ok

layers - merge - merge group. Duplicate twice.

Layers - merge - merge visible.


Layers - new raster layer

Selections - select all

Open DBS_Stars01, copy and paste into selection.

Keep selected.

Layers - new raster layer

Open DBS_Stars03, copy and paste into selection.

Select none.


Open DBS_Moon02. C&P into your image.

Image - resize - 20%. Position top right of your image.

Open DBS_Hearts01. C&P into your image.

Image - resize - 10%. Position bottom left of your image.

Open DBS_PearlHearts01, C&P into your image.

Image - resize - 20%. Using your magic wand, select the inside of your frame.

Selections - modify - expand - 5 pixels.

Open DBS_Paper12, copy and paste into your image.

Selections - invert. Ctrl X to remove excess.

Drag the layer below your frame

Keep selected


Open your tube, paste a close up in the lower frame

Ctrl x to remove excess

Selections - select none.

Change the blend mode to luminance legacy

Put the opacity to 44

Select the top layer


Open DBS_Butterfly01. C&P into your image.

Image - resize - 10% position top right near the moon.

Open DBS_Bow06. C&P into your image.

Image - resize - 10%. Position into the center of your frames.

Add your tube. Resize if needed.


Add your name and copyrights.

Save as PNG

Tutorial written on 7th February 2012
Page created by Emma. Please do not rip apart. ©SensualPosers 2011