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SpiderRig CAS

Project-level planning and contribution accounting. This page allows you to understand how value is added to the project and to log your own contributions. 

This project is deployed in 6 milestones. The milestones in bold are the current ones. You can open the doc link to see what people are doing, and see tasks and take a task by opening the NRP-CAS link.

Milestone 0 - Administration - Administration doc | NRP-CAS page
Milestone 1 - Develop shared understanding and research | Understanding doc |NRP-CAS page
Milestone 2 - Design considerations | Design doc |NRP-CAS page
Milestone 3 - Design | Design doc|NRP-CAS page
Milestone 4 - Prototyping | Prototyping doc|NRP-CAS page
Milestone 5 - Project wrap up | Final doc | NRP-CAS page

Budget allocation

[man x hours]
Building shared understanding about the current system
Sensorica affiliates work in closer collaboration with the R&D team of Sponsor to build shared understanding of the current system, its limitations and possible improvements.
Information mining process for assessing state of the art of available systems.
Revise list of requirements.
Cost benefit analysis for an improved system, containing list of other available systems and their relevance to the project, comparison of the actual system with the state of the art.
List of development requirements.
Design considerations process.
Propose design solutions to current important limitations.
Electrical, software and mechanical design files.45
Implement the proposed design solutions by using the designs proposed in the previous milestone. Iterate rapidly between design and prototype improvements based on results from testing and experimentation.R&D report: design files and improved prototype descriptions, presenting the path of improvements, justify choices made.45$2,588
Final prototype
Wrap up the design and prototyping loop by integrating a final prototype containing best possible solutions.Final prototype with user tutorials and repair tutorial. Report describing remaining limitations and future improvements.207$1,150
AdministrationBring this project to a successDaily activities of communication, coordination, facilitation, project management, paperwork, including 5% CAKE's fees2034
Total155man x hours

Log your contributions

Administration and non-production work

Definition: Non production work is work that doesn't have a clear deliverable associated with it. Examples are office work, meetings, facilitation, coordination, etc. 

Open Project administration process to log your contributions

Alternatively, you can also go to the non-production log page 

Enter date, activity, and chose the Spider rig

 project. Add short description and a link (if necessary), and press SAVE. You can enter multiple activities before you press SAVE. You can enter multiple activities before you press SAVE. 
You can modify our loggings from My work/My Contributions page. 

Log production work

Definition: Production work has a deliverable - work done on a design, prototype of manufacturing.

Use processes to log design, R&D, testing, and production activities. What is a Resource Type?     What is a Process?
Processes are structured into Workflows: R&D and Conditions. 

R&D workflow

Definition: A structured series of technical processes that will move the project from idea to product. See also Conditions workflow below.
Work on design, R&D and manufacturing is logged in this section.
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Project page in NRP-CAS

Live data from CAS open all contributions page

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