SENSORCITY: GIS-based Mobile Sensor Networks for Monitoring Environmental Quality and Human Exposures

The Department of Building, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development at University of Gävle is looking for a graduate student in the area of Built Environment for a research project.

This project aims to build up mobile sensor networks for collecting data about environmental quality and human exposures. The data about human exposures will be carried out voluntarily and anonymously to protect against intrusions on personal integrity. The collected data will be systematically mapped, analyzed, and simulated using cutting-edge geographic information technologies for better understanding environmental impacts of human activities for sustainable development.

The project is funded by the University of Gävle through its research profile on built environment. It is intended to be a 4-year project, a joint effort between the Divisions of Geomatics and Indoor/outdoor Built Environment.

We are now seeking for a candidate of postgraduate studies who specializes in science or engineering. The candidate shall be familiar with the latest version of the ArcGIS family software and have good experience in computer programming, in particular ArcObjects. The candidates with previous GIS research experience and indoor/outdoor environmental modelling will be given a favourite consideration.

The full-time postgraduate studies as a PhD student and temporary aim to a doctoral degree, with the possibility of an intermediate licentiate degree, and to begin as soon as possible. A PhD position in Sweden is one year with an intention of an annual prolongation of maximum five years in total. The position is in Gävle and full time.

The primary task will be research and postgraduate studies, but lecturing and supervision and/or administrative tasks may be included up to 20% of full time.

Prerequisite is a Bachelor degree (honour) and/or master’s degree in geographic information systems (GIS), built environment, or computer sciences.

Swedish legislation related to postgraduate studies can be found in the
Higher Education Ordinance (SFS 1993:100), see Chapters 5 and 9,

The University aims to have a more equal balance of men and women among the personnel. Since the majority of present personnel are male, we welcome applications from female candidates.

Individual salary requirements can be considered within the local agreement concerning postgraduates at Högskolan i Gävle. Further information about the post can be obtained from Camilla Niss and Ulf Larsson Information about the project should be directed to Bin Jiang and Mats Sandberg

The Union representatives are Tommy Gaude, Teacher’s Union, Lili André  and Katharina Hansson Andersson, Saco-S and Lars Borbos ST. They can be contacted via the University switchboard on +46 (0) 26-64 85 00.

Please submit your application no later than 2012-11-30 marked with the Ref. No. 2012/1319, Address - Högskolan i Gävle, 801 76 Gävle or Your application should consist of a list of your certified qualifications (curriculum vitae) including a list of people who can be contacted for references. Any additional factors you feel are relevant to your application as diplomas, certificates and transcripts can be enclosed.