Preparing for Review. Essential Items

There are two areas that claimants battling with the Corporation struggle with. The first is the cost and the second is the need to do something so that one feels one is fighting back. When it comes to fighting back there is only one battle worth fighting and that is at Review and if necessary in the Courts. 

The first rule is that it is essential that you have a good advocate. Most claimants who represent themselves lose. This is because most claimants are not up to dealing with the red herring and subversive tactics of the Corporation. Yet a claimant can do a lot to help the process along and save themselves money in the process. 

Things you will need. 


A Basic Computer that has MS Word 2010 preferably. If you do not have Word 2010 then you can purchase a Home and Student edition at reasonable cost. Word 2010 is very helpful in that you can save Word documents as Adobe PDF files.

A Printer Scanner Multifunction Centre. In this instance I recommend the Brother MFC 7360 N. This MFC unit has a good sheet feeder for scanning and FAX capabilities. It also prints well being a laser printer and it copies documents also. All in all a very handy and essential tool. When the toner needs replacing make sure you buy the toner that lasts the distance. 


Adobe Reader. This software is free to download and is necessary to read PDF files such as Court Judgements.

An Email Account. Free email accounts can be obtained either through GMAIL or Hotmail. 

A Back Up Facility to make sure you don't lose anything in the event the PC hard drive fails. I recommend Skydrive for the Cloud and DVD disks for local back ups. USB flash drives can also be useful. 

Encryption Software for those with privacy concerns. (Warning do not lose the password or you will not I repeat not be able to recover your data). I recommend Truecrypt which is a very versatile free encryption package.

Essential Resources 

Court Judgements. Always essential.


A4 Manilla Folders and Folder Clips 

A Hole Punch 

Two Reams of A4 Paper 

Two Pens and a Pencil 

A Notepad 

Post It Flags