Preparing a Chronology

 Date Event  Document 
 07.09.2012ACC received medical report from Psychiatrist  Dr Example.
Dr Example diagnosed PTSD. 
 15.09.2012Letter sent to ACC from GP      2

Your chronology gives the over all view of the evidence you wish to present. What is relevant and irrelevant is determined by what type of review you are looking at.

A review regards a delay in providing treatment may simply be a matter of compiling all your medical reports. 

A review regarding an IRP or weekly compensation may require a wide range of documents from various sources. The chronology is your central document for presenting your evidence. 

In the example above a medical report that ACC has received is Document 1. This report will be the first document in the document bundle with the number 1 written and circled at the top of the report to identify it. When this document is referred to in submissions it will look like this.

On the 7th Sept 2012 ACC received a report from Psychiatrist Dr Example. (Document 1) 

The reviewer will see the reference and will know to go to the document bundle to source Document 1 Later on if the reviewer wishes to refer to the report again then the report is swiftly located in the Chronology rather than having to go back through the submissions to find the document number again. The Chronology is easily referenced during the review itself avoiding the need to constantly back track through documents and submissions. The Chronology also answers important questions instantly. When was the report sent? Who was it sent by? What was the basic outcome or relevancy of the document? How does the document fit in with other documents and the wider picture in general? All these questions are answered swiftly by the Chronology. 

As you can see the Chronology is an essential key document. No effort should be spared in its creation and maintenance. 

Tip: When you first prepare your bundle of documents use your Post Its to mark the numbers instead of writing on the actual documents. There is often another document that comes to light and that requires an adjustment in numbering to maintain chronological order.