The Golden Rules

To win against the Corporation there are certain things that must be achieved and certain things that must be avoided without exception. If in your travels you encounter advice in these matters to the contrary I would strongly suggest that you ignore that advice for your own good. 

1. Make sure that you are covered for your diagnosed injuries. If your acceptance letter is vague and unclear on the actual covered injury then you need to have that clarified. What the Corporation likes to do is leave a serious flaw in your cover that they can exploit later on in your claim. 

2. Do not write to the Corporation. I can promise you they will not listen to your protests. The Corporation does not care and cannot not be made to care. The only letters that should go to the Corporation is through your GP and or Advocate. 

3. Do not attack Assessors even if you believe they have wronged you. Reports can be criticized the Assessors cannot be. If you claim an Assessor is corrupt for instance then you are forcing the Reviewer into a position where it may look like they are determining the professional integrity of a  Medical Professional. This they will not do.  Attacking an Assessor on a professional level can only hurt you. 

4. Avoid the use of words like liar and corrupt in your official communications. Rather one says that information provided is inconsistent or inaccurate. Reviewers and Judges are never impressed by inflammatory language. 

5. Do not under any circumstances challenge the integrity of the Reviewer or Judge, the DRSL or the Courts. There is no better way to blow your own case. 

6. Never threaten your CM or ACC staff. This is not only a pointless exercise it will be used very effectively by the Corporation.

7. Always approach Specialists through your GP and or Advocate.