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You and your CM

A Case Manager at ACC is the person who handles your file. Their official role is to make sure that the requirements of the Accident Compensation Act 2001 are met. 

There is little profit to be found in communicating with your CM outside of the bare minimum required by the legislation. 

If a Case Manager falters in their KPI objectives then that CM is "performance managed". A struggling and or incompetent Case Manager can relieve their employment burdens simply by denying claims. 

Of course there are those who thrive in the ACC environment and these people get a genuine sense of satisfaction denying sexual assault victims their often pitiful entitlements. 

Nothing you say to your Case Manager will divert them from their aim to prevent you receiving treatment to save a few thousand dollars a year if it suits them to do so. 

Focus on getting your medical evidence ready with the help and direction of your GP and Advocate and file for Review when the time is right. The less contact you have with ACC the less opportunity ACC has to gas light you. 

I found this article in my travels and I believe the business model described in it depicts the Corporation perfectly in terms of its staff management.