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Who does ACC Target?

The Corporation has policies to specifically target particular claimants. If you fit into one of these categories you need to be prepared. 

Sensitive Claimants are easy targets with long term treatment requirements. Weekly Compensation claims attract even more ACC "process" 

Brain Injured Claimants are often long term and cost a lot to treat and compensate.

Chronic Pain Claimants are often long term and cost a lot to treat and compensate.

The Self Employed make good targets and are often denied entitlements. 

High Earners. It doesn't matter what type of Claimant you are the Corporation wants rid of you.

The Corporation has dedicated units for the purposes of targeting the above categories of claimants. If any of the above describes your situation then it would pay to get an Advocate involved sooner rather than later. Remember the Corporation will decline you as a matter of course. 

Gather you medical evidence under the guidance of your Advocate and prepare to Review as soon as you are able.