NEWS 08 July 2013

I have created another website where I shall now be basing all information. I will be leaving this site up but all who have an interest are invited to check out:




Currently I have been asked by my treatment providers to focus my attention on my therapeutic goals. On that basis I will not be in a position to advocate in the traditional sense for some time. However if anyone wants to email me for advice or a chat please feel free to do so. 


I have seen evidence that the management at the ACC RIS unit are making an effort to fulfill the agenda provided by Minister Collins to replace the ugly manifesto put forward by Dr Nick Smith. (The worst ACC Minister we have possibly ever had) 

I have anecdotal evidence that the SCU is trying to improve at least at appearance level. However safety for Sensitive Claimants can only be achieved when suitable policy is put in place and enough case law has been won.  When dealing with the SCU extreme caution is still the order of the day. 

Update 17th May 2013  

On the 16th of May 2013 I had a meeting with three high ranking ACC Managers to discuss the many issues Sensitive Claimants are experiencing.  (Update: Negotiations have failed and we are now in litigation.) 

Update 31st May 2013 

I am currently leaning to forming a Sensitive Claims Union. The reason for this line of thinking is that I am becoming increasingly concerned that many of the people and organisations that are in theory in place to help us are in fact inadequate and of dubious value. All my life I have observed people and organisations taking our issues and running with them, all the while claiming they are serving our agendas rather than our own. Is that really so?  How has it come to pass that so many of us are in terrible positions and no one came to save us? These questions are worth finding answers too. I believe I have identified the core group that is making the lives of so many so miserable right now. Steps are been taken. Many thanks to those who provided information so that the necessary comparisons could be made. This has proven to be extremely helpful. All information is gratefully received and kept in the strictest confidence. 

Update 29 June 2013 

As you may be aware I reported earlier that I had been in negotiations with ACC senior management regarding the assessments of Sensitive Claimants and the methods of the SCU preferred assessors. Initially there seemed to be some hope that the Corporation could be made to see reason on the basis it would be in their best interests to do so. However the Corporation has failed to adopt what I consider to be very reasonable and legally sound proposals that would have gone some way to ensure the safety of Sensitive Claimants in the assessment process. 

The result of this failure is that Sensitive Claimants must be aware that they are at significant risk when dealing with the SCU and the Corporation in general. In response to this I am launching an all out media and legal campaign against the Corporation. I am also looking at forming a Sensitive Claimants Union that I am hoping to have up and running in the next few months depending on health and various other factors. In the meantime expressions of interest would be gratefully received at:


Important Notice 29 June 2013 

I am seeking information about SCU Assessor Dr Jan Reeves. I am interested to learn what peoples experiences have been with this Assessor during the assessments she has conducted and the results and what came after. All information is kept in the strictest confidence. I already have significant information that raises some very serious concerns about Dr Reeves and I intend on pursuing those concerns to the bitter end. 


Update 03 July 2013

The question of the Corporation choosing assessors remains a vexed issue for Sensitive Claimants. The reasonable proposals put forward to ensure claimant safety were rejected by the Corporation. The only reasonable conclusion that remains to me is that the Corporation seeks to influence the assessment process beyond the intention of the legislation and in breach of the agreements contained in the Disley report. On the that basis the next step is litigation which has been started. 

ACCSCHELP Code of Ethics:

Ethics are not merely a moral imposition imposed on others to see the needs of the few met. Ethics are about integrity and serving wider purpose over individual need. Sensitive Claimants are totally dependent on third parties to see their needs met in relation to the crimes that have been committed against them. Those third parties have their own needs and considerations and higher authorities to answer to also.

Resources are always limited and any wastage of those resources has a direct impact on the group the resources were put in place to assist. On that basis any deliberate sustained behaviour that causes resource to be wasted is detrimental to others who have also been victims of crime.

ACCSCHELP intends to create a conduit between Sensitive Claimants and the various third parties that Sensitive Claimants depend upon. By maintaining a strong ethic ACCSCHELP will be able to more ably assist Sensitive Claimants. The claimant the Corporation fears the most is the one who is informed and reasonable.

ACCSCHELP will never share personally identifiable information with other parties.

ACCSCHELP will not recommend individual specialists however a process to provide a list of specialists is under consideration.

All information provided shall remain confidential and shall be retained in encrypted form.