Heroes of the Resistance

These are people who have made massive contributions to the fight against the Corporation. 

Bronwyn Puller  (Claimant Whistle Blower) 

Michelle Boag   (Claimant Support Person and Whistle Blower) 

Denise Powell (Advocate) 

Kaye Martin (Claimant who won the High Court Judgement that enshrined the right for claimants to obtain their own medical reports, This case also confined the Ramsay Principles to the Corporations decision making process and removed Ramsay from the appeal process) 

Karen McGrath (Claimant who won a judicial review at the Supreme Court forcing ACC to adhere to Section 110 of the Act) 

Kyle McDonald (Psychotherapist and champion of the clinical process) 

Kevin Hague (Green Party MP and relentless campaigner for fairness and honesty in the ACC process)