Money Matters

The Corporation relies on the financial stress that is created by declining your Weekly Compensation Claim or hand braking your claim. This works for the ACC in two ways. The first is that the financial stress will add significant weight to all your other stresses and a less obvious gain can be made by claiming that you the claimant have money issues and this is the main motivation for your claim. This works especially well if you are self employed. The ACC tries to present a picture of a failing business seeking funding through a Sensitive Claim. 

Here is how to limit the harm to yourself. 

If you are self employed go to your accountant and get a statement that clearly shows your earnings for the previous and the current financial year. Get your accountant to obtain all your earnings information from the IRD. 

Make a copy and send the information to the ACC. The sooner this is done the better as the ACC will try and leave this process to the very last minute. Your Weekly Compensation will calculated on your previous years earnings not your current. Now here is the trap. 

Say you earned $50000 in the previous year but your current year shows you would have only made $20000 if you had seen the current financial year out. The ACC will immediately adopt the stance you are simply the owner of a failing business and not someone suffering an injury as required by the Act. There may well be reasons however as to why your business is showing a much lower figure from the previous year. It may be your business has a seasonal element to it and the majority of the years earnings are earned in summer for instance which has not been accounted for. It may well be that your injury has prevented you from working the business and the decline is showing accordingly. 

To make sure that an accurate take on your circumstances occurs it would pay to discuss these matters with your GP to make sure that your circumstances are given the correct context in your medical evidence. Don't get stuck with the Corporations "take" on matters. 

If you are a PAYE then get your information from the IRD anyway to deny the Corporation an excuse to delay matters further. Be sure they never miss a chance. 

You more than likely will have creditors and no income which makes a toxic stressful situation even more hideous. Get your Advocate or Lawyer to write a letter stating that you are currently in conflict with the ACC. You are pursuing your legal options and you have a reasonable chance of success. Provide this letter to all your creditors. Reputable unsecured creditors will generally wait until the legal outcome before acting against you as they have a much better chance of getting their money that way. Make sure to ring them all every two weeks to let them know that you are still around and that you are sitting in plain sight. This will keep them happy generally. When you get back pay you pay off the money you would have paid if you had an income and your credit rating will be spared a significant beating. 

Secured Creditors on the other hand don't have to be so nice for after all they may just be able to sell your house whilst charging exorbitant penalty interest in the meantime. If you have a partner then they should pay all secured creditors above all other considerations to keep the roof over your heads and your credit rating intact.